What are The Best Practices To Follow For Creating an App Like Gojek?


There have been epic requirements generated for numerous categories of solutions among users. Due to an intense penetration of applications in people’s lives, they have adopted the usage of different apps for various purposes like ticket booking of any event, movie, bus, airlines, food ordering, seeking ride-hailing services, etc. But, as per the current scenario, the multi-service platforms have received terrific demands because they have combined all the individual services and work as a one-stop destination for consumers.

Since the past few years, numerous players in a segment have contributed significantly to increasing its value. The statistics of 2022 say that the number of potential users of super apps is assumed to grow by 98 million, which would eventually result in annual spending of $3.25 trillion among smartphone users on these solutions.

Several contributors of the multi-service market, due to which the preference for super apps increased like nothing else, are Gojek, Rappi, Careem, Grab, and many other contenders. Amongst all, Gojek gained a considerable rise in a particular sector. An organization received a vast number of users from entire Southeast Asia. 

By witnessing such progress of Indonesia’s Giant, you might be motivated enough to get a Gojek like solution ready by approaching several development partners. So, here are some practices to follow and risks associated with the same discussed. Refer to every section for receiving a Gojek like multi-service platform.

Must Consider Practices to Follow For Building Gojek Like App

As per the 2023 report, about 29.2 million MAUs are reported for Gojek, which is a tremendously huge figure. If you as a business admin are excited to get your venture on such traction among users by making your Gojek similar multi-service solution from technology partners, then some practices to follow for the same are mentioned below:

Perform Market Analysis

As a startup owner, you must do thorough market research before plunging into creating a Gojek similar platform for your enterprise. It includes knowing the targeted audience, types of apps present in the segment, attributes offered by them, problems of people, user preferences, etc. Collecting information about these elements will help you get an appropriate solution like Gojek for your enterprise, meeting all the needs of people without any hassles.

Select the Proper Set of Features

Now when every single specification is analyzed, you need to decide the particular set of features to be implemented in a Gojek like multi-service solution. Always determine such attributes that are unique, demystifying, and outstanding, as users prefer the utilization of applications possessing fascinating and valuable specifications that are helpful in satisfying their purposes very quickly.

Know Different IT Firms

Gain information about the numerous companies capable of offering Gojek like multi-service app for your business. It includes knowing the company’s industry experience, observing the previous client’s reviews, the number of developers, the customer satisfaction ratio, etc. Thus, by analyzing such characteristics of the firms, you should enlist them and sort the order accordingly.

Set Your Budget

Also, observe the prices for developing Gojek similar multi-service platform for your venture. The cost of creating it is based on various aspects, and the programmers’ rates of a particular company are displayed as per the basic functionalities implemented in a ready-made Gojek similar app. Hence, as a startup owner, it is suggested to always predict a bit higher price for creating a solution like Gojek for your enterprise.

Get Gojek Like Platform Ready

Crack a deal with a specific technology partner capable of delivering you a desirable and innovative app similar to Gojek for your enterprise, efficiently fulfilling its requirements. Also, ensure that it should provide free post-launch support for your solution created so far. When you receive a platform like Gojek built by IT firms, as a startup owner, you should always check whether it consists of the attributes adequately implemented or not. If not, you should send it back to the particular company from where you have received it.

Test Stringently

As a business admin, you should examine the platform from every possible aspect and verify whether it has any flaws. It can be done by executing the attributes in different situations, entering the false values, and observing the outputs accordingly. It will assist you in detecting the bugs in an app. Once an errorless solution is made, you can launch it in an application store.

Thus, following the practices mentioned above, as an entrepreneur, you can get a solution similar to Gojek for your enterprise. But, there are certain risks that you as a startup owner might need to face while developing an application like Gojek described in the next section.

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Difficulties That Might Occur While Creating Gojek Similar Solution

It’s not at all necessary that the procedure of building a platform similar to Gojek goes effortlessly, without any hassles. Several issues may occur in between the process. You might be unaware of the different challenges that you can possibly face while making an application similar to Gojek. Read each of them stated below:

Setting Improper Budget

As a business admin, avoid running behind a company with cheaply priced programmers who provide you with a platform like Gojek for your enterprise at reasonable costs. You will likely receive a solution containing ample errors, as freshers don’t possess any experience, and it will cost you much less. Besides this, building a Gojek similar solution through IT firms possessing highly talented and skilled developers would also result in you in unnecessary expenses. Thus, you should set an appropriate budget for creating a perfect Gojek like application as per your venture’s needs.

Rejection in Application Store

The Gojek similar multi-service solution might not be accepted for uploading in an application store or Google’s Play Store. The rejection of the platform varies for numerous reasons, as per the norms of both OSs. If you want to publish a solution on App Store, you have to take care of security, performance, design, enterprise, and legal measures. While on Play Store, the platform can be rejected by reviewing its content, safety measures, and other different factors. Hence, to avoid the rejection of Gojek like solution, you should keep in mind all the above parameters while building it.

Maintaining a Flow of the Platform

For your iphone app development to be successful, you should ensure that the flow of the solution is uniform for numerous facilities embedded under a single roof. It is quite an arduous task to manage the same flow for every facility integrated within a platform. Failing to do so would lead your enterprise to face trouble maintaining a top-notch flow of its numerous facilities. Thus, every service in an app should be accessed by the same procedure as other functionalities.

Ending Words:

Witnessing the widespread use of Gojek across Southeast Asia must have motivated you to develop a multi-service solution for your venture. So, by referring to some practices for creating an app like Gojek and issues which might pop up in the same are stated in a post earlier, you will likely be assisted in getting a Gojek similar platform ready for your business to step into the super app’s market.

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