7 Tips To Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing


When it comes to marketing CBD products on digital platforms, the biggest issue an entrepreneur faces is the legality. On platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., selling cannabis is not legal and can land you in uncommon complications. Even though legal difficulties persist on digital media platforms, there are several other ways to lay the foundation for your CBD business all across social media handles.

The combination of mix and match and coordinated strategies is the need of the hour on such platforms. In the year 2019, many brands selling wholesale cbd products became popular, and that was not just because of their quality but the steps those businesses took to manage smooth maneuvering and navigation for online readers and potential buyers. For precedents, you can check the one-stop shop for CBD

With so many complications surrounding the advertisement policies of social media platforms, it is quite vital to understand how to build smart strategies and ways for establishing a successful CBD brand over digital media. So, let’s do a quick rundown of seven tips to grow your CBD business with digital marketing.

  1. Build a community, not followers

Social media platforms are not solely to post updates and pictures of your products. It is much more than a sales tool. Likes and followers for the page are not necessary, but to attract engagements through comments, messages, and exposure are essential. Once the movement of your CBD business gains momentum and traction, more and more audiences will begin to join your community organically. Brands that have been able to do it have managed to be successful. You can learn more at Hebonaut and take inspiration from it on how to build a trustable brand.

Twitter, for instance, allows you to use branded hashtags through which you can reach a broader network. A potential retweet by the right individual might gain more traction, which in turn would bring connections. On Instagram, however, make the most of the hashtags. Through a limit of thirty possible hashtags, you can reach out to more brands and communities.

You can also make full use of the tagging feature and tag certain people for acknowledgment purposes. In the end, engage people with content and not just a picture. Content that educates in the world of CBD increases the count of an engaging audience. 

1.SEO is important

Digital marketing Agency is all about getting listed on Google’s first search page. It is a critical tip to introduce your CBD business to people you cannot reach through social media platforms. Such a process does not consume time and is cost-effective at the same time.

Performing the search engine optimization for your website with target keywords would not only establish your CBD business as a trusted leader but would also allow the visitors to search your product easily on Google’s search engines. Another vital thing to consider is that SEO does not go against the FDA policies.

2. Build Pinterest strategies

Pinterest revolves around boards and pins that the viewers tend to see when surfing through the pictures on this platform. In the cannabis industry, if you are willing to establish a CBD business on Pinterest, make sure that you create a board that has the pictures of your products and lists the services for viewers to understand. You can also visit for cannabis software solutions.

This social media platform redirects the pinned posts directly to your website. Such a process builds traffic for your brand and helps in engaging new traffic. Moreover, make the most of the sharing button on the pins as it serves as an excellent opportunity to increase the return traffic. Visit the official website of Herb CEO for more effective cannabis marketing strategies.

3. Collaborate with Social Media Influencers

In today’s social media sector, influencer marketing is one of the essential ways through which you can grow your business. Influencers tend to have a broad network of followers and engagements. Collaborating with them allows your products to reach more people.

Companies tend to spend between 15-20% of their budgets on influencer marketing, which results in more acknowledgments and ultimately drawing results with sales. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are quite famous for influencers. All you have to do is tag them in your feeds and invite them to collaborate. Make sure that a quality product accompanied by engaging content lasts longer than standard strategies.

4. Make the most of Instagram

Instagram is known for its visuals, lifestyle, and a growing network. Even though the demographics of this platform is young and limited, it can do much better in a lot of other departments like ‘reaching out’ and ‘brand exposure’. For a business that offers CBD products and services, you can either reach out to people through popular hashtags or by tagging companies or influencers who are promoting CBD-centric posts.

For example, you can tag influencers like Lord Jones, who has more than 90,000 followers and PureKana, who has around 96,000 followers for a better reach. The algorithms of Instagram work in a way that your post reaches the followers of such successful pages in the CBD industry.

5. Provide value and education to the demographic

A successful CBD business revolves around strategies and plannings through which every detail is provided to viewers and potential/existing buyers. Such a way is quite beneficial in the digital sector as well. Rather than just selling your CBD goods, your business account should educate the selected demographic. Adding value to the ways of education is another step that is vital in order to gain traction.

Just like the skincare industry, CBD companies should also pick age categories, provide details to both males and females, and add value to what the product might add to their present lifestyles. The ultimate goal is to grow and engage, which in turn builds a brand of its own.

6. Make use of other social media platforms

While businesses are very much familiar with regular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, other platforms like LinkedIn and Youtube play a significant role as well. Establish a blog section on your business website and share the links on LinkedIn. Remember, the links should educate since this platform houses an audience segment devoted to content rather than sales.

On a platform like Youtube, you can create awareness around the products you are selling through a video. On Instagram, where you fight limitations, Youtube, however, can allow you to reach more audiences. Moreover, adding a social media platform to your CBD business’s portfolio helps your brand get the much-needed recognition.

Final Thoughts

Structuring a more holistic digital marketing strategy serves as an ideal approach to gain traction in the CBD industry. Not only do you reach a wider audience through such ways, but you also establish your business in the same process. These seven tips will make you learn how to strategize and grow your CBD business with Digital Marketing. In the end, remember the importance of knowledge, education, and consistency.

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