Tips To Find the Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Lady Love Contemplating With Wedding Bands


As J.W. Lord puts it out, “An engagement ring is a symbol of commitment, a promise, a vow, and pledge.”

Ah! My best friend finally got engaged. A big congratulations on finding your life partner. Now, it’s time for her to wear the world’s smallest and most beautiful handcuffs – the engagement rings. Marriages are fixed in heaven but customized black rings and bands for engagement are crafted beautifully on earth. 

Your engagement ring will be the focal point of the event grabbing everyone’s attention. But you need to pick an engagement ring similar to these unique handmade engagement rings that perfectly complements the wedding band. After all, this is one of the significant transitions of your life where you are about to begin a new chapter. 

The engagement ring is not just any precious stone that signifies that you are married. The special rings and bands symbolize your mutual love and commitment to one another. The engagement rings are rich in sentiments, something that you will wear for the rest of your life. Thus, it’s important that it should make a good pair with the wedding band, the same as you with your partner. 

The following blog will help you choose the best engagement ring that will couple with the wedding band. 

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Pick the Right Metal 

A wedding engagement ring is a long-term investment. Therefore, you need to ensure you are picking the right metal piece that is durable and exemplifies a long and happy relationship.   

It is recommended that before buying the engagement ring, you should purchase the wedding band. This will help you to choose the appropriate metal for the ring.  Consider the full look of the band and rings stacked together. 

In addition, it’s important to decide whether you want your engagement ring to sit even with the wedding band. 

When it comes to choosing metals, you have a wide assortment of choices from tungten rings, to platinum, titanium, and gold rings. 

For instance, tungsten rings are known for their elegant style and bold statement. The tungsten rings can withstand the test of time with horizontal grooves and polished bevels on each of the sides. 

Similarly, platinum offers durability. Due to its natural whiteness diamonds and other gemstones get a more glittering appearance. 

Find her style 

One of the benefits of buying an engagement ring from an online jeweler is the expanded range of ring styles. You can access all exclusive styles in one place without visiting the store. 

You can even get your ring style custom-designed to perfectly match with the wedding band. 

When you are considering the style of the ring, you need to choose one that compliments her personality and lifestyle. 

I remember a relative of mine would always take note of what type of jewelry his girlfriend was wearing every time they went on a date. His observations came true as she was more dedicated towards gold with elegantly designed pieces. 

I might say that you have the widest range of choices when it comes to picking up the styles. Select a beveled styled ring that suits her persona or a domed shaped ring if she simply likes it. If your girlfriend likes vintage pieces, she’ll love one from vintage engagement rings Sydney.

Are you still confused about not being able to make out which style to select? Well, I’ll suggest a simple theory. You can browse the same page of a jewelry website together where she can tell her own personal preferences. If that is not possible, you can send her a few ring styles and designs on her Whatsapp and ask which are the ones that she likes. 

Setting Out Your Budget 

Once while navigating through an online e-commerce website, I fell upon a product and immediately placed an order. Later on, I realized that I had paid a quite hefty price compared to the actual value of the product. 

The lesson learned that day ‘Always establish your budget estimate before stepping into an online store.’ 

Setting a budget estimate before purchasing the jewelry online becomes significant. You, of course, don’t want to commit the same mistake which I have made earlier. 

Another point to remember is that the scope of negotiating the price of the jewelry is less in comparison to buying cars. 

Maybe you have been saving your salary for months so that you can buy a beautiful black ring for your fiancee. 

An anonymous person was heard quoting “It’s not about the amount of money you are investing into purchasing an engagement ring but rather the thought that goes into buying it.”  

Are you planning to postpone the idea of buying the engagement ring? Well, that’s not a good decision as you may not find a better ring than the present one at such a cost-effective price. So, now you know how to strike a deal? 

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Size Out with the Right Size 

Well, I’m aware that many people commit mistakes at this place. Yes, they chose the perfect engagement ring for their would-be bride but unfortunately picked the wrong size. 

So, when you try to insert the ring in your bride’s finger, it does not fit well and then comes that awkward moment. 

Even if you don’t have an appropriate size, you can take it back to the jeweler and get it properly fitted. 

Better to avoid such a situation and extra costs by making sure that you have picked the right size. 

Don’t hesitate in asking your would-be wife to send you an appropriate size of the ring.  

Selecting the Quality of the Diamond 

Wow! You are buying a diamond engagement ring. But wait, have you considered the quality of the diamonds? 

What did you say? Quality? Does diamond have quality? 

Yes, it has. You have to consider the four Cs. These are the cut, the color, the clarity, and the carat weight. 

The cut is not related to the shape of the diamond but it means the angles and proportions of the stone. 

You may surprise your lady with a variety of colors. Diamonds range on different scales from D to Z. While D is colorless, Z is a lightish yellow. 

The clarity refers to the transparency of the diamond. The clearer the diamond, the more expensive it is. 

The carat weight is the actual weight of the diamond. The heavier the weight, the more price you have to pay. 

Summing it Up 

The date of your wedding is out and you are busy with all sorts of preparations. But selecting the perfect engagement ring for your lady love requires both time and patience. You can follow these tips to choose an engagement ring matching with the wedding band. 

And, all the best for your new beginning, have a happy married life! 

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