6 Tricks for Team Scheduling


Whether you employ hourly, full-time, or seasonal staff, one of your top priorities is creating a positive work culture. Because of this, you need to possess effective employee scheduling skills as a manager or supervisor. Having unorganized scheduling can cause frustration in your employees, leading to high turnover rates. In this article, we’ll be discussing six tips to ensure that you create employee schedules that your team will love.

Get to Know Your Team

One of the most important tips is to take the time to understand your team. It’s not only essential to scheduling but to your business as a whole. When you know your team’s motivations and needs, you’ll be able to make meaningful scheduling decisions. If you want to get your employees on the same page with team scheduling capabilities, consider using service dispatch software.

Consider Your Best Employee

Whether you want to carry out a formal or informal performance review, you must devise an effective means of recognizing your best employee. Communication, customer service, and teamwork are among the skills that make an employee stand out. You can use a list of your best employees to create a schedule, and you may find Bluefolder’s service dispatch and scheduling software useful in achieving this.

Ensure That Schedules Are Easily Available

You must make it easy for your team to access their schedule anytime and anywhere. Using a paper schedule can be inefficient and bad for the environment. Since all of your employees likely have access to a mobile phone, their scheduling should be available across all mobile platforms. Ensure that your team has a service and scheduling app installed on their device for easy access.

Create Schedule ahead of Time

Last-minute scheduling won’t only add extra pressure for supervisors or hiring managers, but it can also lead to anxiety for your employees. According to the law of predictive scheduling, you need to provide your employee with their schedules in advance. Your employee will appreciate it when you create their schedule ahead of time because they will be able to plan their personal lives more effectively.

Prioritize Team Communication

Several issues can arise when dealing with employee scheduling. However, how these issues and changes are communicated can affect your business. You should quickly and openly communicate any changes to your employees as this will create a more positive working environment. Hiring managers can communicate with their employees via text messaging or emails. You could even create a group chat.

List and Allocate Tasks

One of the most important aspects of efficient and effective scheduling is ensuring you are fully staffed. However, your employees also need to be aware of their designated tasks for your business to run smoothly. For example, you could make a list of all the tasks that need to be carried out when you want to restock the inventory for your business and share it with all employees scheduled to work.

Executing a task will be easy and convenient if every member of your team has a clear understanding of what they are expected to do, and when. With service dispatch software, you will be able to assign tasks to your employee without any stress.

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