Rotary Airlock Valve and Different Rotor Types



The product is mainly in the dry powder or granular form. Using the dust filtration sphere good airlock is required on cyclone and also bag filtering applications in order that superior dust collection efficiencies can be sustained. The airlock is also important in the industry of pneumatic transmission, while the products are synchronized in any highly pressurized assigning lines while minimizing air leakage. With the solid techies, no double standards with regular valves are precision machined for near tolerances and also negligible eccentricities. If you’re looking to enhance the performance and durability of your industrial piping system, it’s essential to buy a triple offset valve, known for its superior sealing capabilities and resistance to corrosion.

Normal Features 

  • Accuracy machining for modules.
  • Intense shaft diameters minimize the deflection.
  • Highest blade numbers to get in touch with body once without influencing throughput.
  • Minimum approval with rotor sides as well as tips through body.
  • Opening of good throat through valve entry which allows superior competence of pocket filling.
  • Outboard bearings intended for non-contamination.
  • Vigorous body adequately stiffened for avoiding the distortion.


  • Bearings: Bearings are preserved for the kind of life ball.
  • Bodies: Bodies should be made from Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or Cast Iron Precision bored.
  • Drive: The geared motor unit is mounted on side wall for the valve body and also completed with narrow lock sprocket chain driving all in enclosed guard.
  • End Covers: – Cast Iron, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel oilfield valves positioned in body for the concentricity.
  • Rotor: Rotor is made from Fabricated Mild or Stainless Steel


There are different options available which include Vent Boxes, Shear Plated Deflectors, Flameproof Motors, Direct Coupled Drives, Body Vents, as well as Air Purge Glands.

Different Kinds of Rotors

After going through the details about Rotary Airlock Valve Manufacturer India, let’s talk about different kinds of Rotors.

  • Open Adjustable Bladed Rotor

The open adjustable bladed rotor is appropriate for the majority of products and also pressurized discrepancies with 20 psi. These blades are adjustable, reversible, and replaceable and also can be supplied through mild steel, PVC rigid, stainless steel, PTFE, etc. to suit any specific product. This can be modified to suit highly scratchy material.

  • Open Fixed Bladed Rotor

The Open Fixed Bladed Rotor is appropriate for general product range as well as also it is particularly appropriate for conveying systems to the 15 psi force. Closing is via packing gland type with ordinary packing having flu lion or counterpart.

  • Scalloped Rotor

The scalloped rotor is primarily suitable for “sticky” materials and also the discharge can be further helped by the application of PTFE coating, generally utilized in food procedures in which no products increases can be tolerated. These pressures of 15 psi can be appropriate.

  • Standard Rotors

Companies generally manufactures three types of rotors outlined nevertheless to offer plant engineer flexibility, lots of variations can be included for instance, reduced volume, closed/tipped, staggered blades, etc. They produce rotors according to client’s application requirements and not as per their construction.

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