5 Parenting Products So Effective Reviewers Called Them A “Miracles


One of the greatest priorities for human beings is the safety of infants. Traditionally the bay bottles were usually made of glass, and although they could be considered hygienically efficient, they were prone to be broken. So why should parents pick silicone-based products for their babies? 

Silicone has been proven to be biologically inert and biocompatible, containing no toxic substances. They are also very heat resistant, making them easy to clean and sterilize everything that can get into contact with infants or young children.

Customized Silicone Baby Training Toothbrush

The brush is 100% silicone, tasteless, and odorless. It comes in various colors, green, pink, or any other colors that could be customized. The brush comes in a new design with healthy and soft material. It is multifunctional and can fit many applications. The advantages of the baby bum brush are that it is a reusable, soft, flexible, strong chemical, and temperature resistant. The packing could include OPP, PVC, or customized packaging. You can as well ask for a shape to be customized to your liking.

New Arrival Silicone Rainbow Chess Board Bubble Popper Fidget Toys

Newtop Rubber has a new arrival silicone rainbow that you can order in your preferred color. The pop fidget toy will help you relieve stress, anti-anxiety, and concentrate on work, making it a perfect gift for children. The packaging for these materials includes OPP, PVC, or customized packages. The advantages of this custom silicone cup are that it is of high quality, it is flexible and soft, has a safe silicone material, is elastic and durable, and can be used for multi-purposes. You can get the bubble popper fidget toy in your custom shape.

Custom Bulk New Creative BPA Free Silicone Stocking Toy

The silicone stocking toy is made up of BPA- free silicone and comes in a mixture of colors. Newtop Rubber also accepts customers to ask for customized colors. The silicone stocking toy’s size and weight are also customizable to customers’ specifications. They came with packages of OPP, PVC, or customized packages. The advantages of these products are that they are of high quality, easy to use, clean, and long-lasting. Customers’ shape customization is also available on request.

Hot BPA-Free Portable Silicone Baby Beach Toys Bulk

The baby beach toys bulk is made of health material silicone. The custom silicone molds comes in white, blue, or customer specifications color. The design of the baby toy beach is made from soft and flexible silicone. All the stuff can be packed in a bucket or a suitcase. The packaging for the silicone product includes OPP, PVC bags, or customized packaging. The silicone baby beach toy’s size is 14*38 centimeters and weighs 470-453 grams per set. This custom silicone product’s advantages are that it is made of safe material, easy to use and store. They are temperature resistant, flexible, durable, and will save space.

Custom Bulk Soft, Non-toxic Silicone Bath Brush

The silicone Bath Brush is made of BPA-free silicone material. The material is green, pink, and yellow and is customized in color. The size of the silicone bath brush is 57mm*88mm, and it weighs 80 grams. The silicone custom is smooth and soft. It is designed with a soap storage tank on the body brush that adds shampoo. The bath brush is easy to clean, and it is durable. They are colorful so the child can enjoy a good bath feeling.


Newtop Rubber has more than 12 years of experience providing liquid silicone rubber injection solution cups. Newtop Rubber supplied clients around by brands with a good reputation.

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