Top 5 Things: What To Do In Sacramento, California in 2020


Do you want to make your tour more exciting and joyful in Sacramento? Find here the most exciting things to do in the capital city of California. I visited the United States last year to explore different places and spend some quality time. If you plan to visit a major U.S. city, make sure to research on high-rated accommodations like Hotel Oceanfront Balcony rooms and interesting spots to visit. I found many historical places to visit in Sacramento. There are many historical parks and museums which show how people were living in the past.

Apart from this, you will find many other places where you can enjoy some delightful food, watch movies, enjoy comedy shows, and many more. In this article, I will take you through a virtual journey to show you how you can plan your trip to Sacramento. 

Top 5 Things to Do in Sacramento

Whether you are a food-lover or passionate about ancient history, or you are a Karaoke star, Sacramento offers you a wide range of things to do. Now here is the list of places where you can enjoy your trip. 


If you want to know about the culture, lifestyle, history, people of Sacramento then you should visit different museums. However, I have listed the two most popular state museums that you should never miss.

Railroad Museum

Whoever visits Sacramento definitely flocks to the State Railroad Museum. More than 500,000 tourists visit this museum every year to get an experience of the past. I have enjoyed the locomotive cars which were actually used back in the time. All these locomotives were stored in a large area of 225,000 square where you will find 6 buildings.

While traveling to the Rail post office gave me a real experience of how people were living at that time. In the railroad museum, you can also get into the locomotive engines and the wagons to see how people were luxurious even in the past. If you are traveling with family, you can show your children a program that is conducted inside the museum. 

State Indian Museum

How about visiting a museum where you can get an experience of the culture and lifestyle of another country? You can get an Indian feeling in the State Indian Museum of California in Sacramento. This museum was opened to the public in 1940 which shows three major things Spirituality, the Indian family, and nature.

As an Indian, I felt very proud while watching the Indian arts, photographs of people who were living in the country for thousands of years. The “Ishi” exhibition was really fantastic which shows the survivor of a tribal community called Yahi. Apart from that, you will find some traditional Indian items inside the museum.

I visited New York City last year before I flew to California. If you’re planning a holiday, here’s the best time to visit new york. Now let me share some more exciting places where I have spent my vacation in California. 


I art performances, especially in theatres. If you are a creative person and want to get some experience of the arts then don’t miss a chance to enjoy the performances in these theatres. 

B Street Theatre

Enjoy a show at the most popular and one of the best Live Theatre in the world. The famous B Street Theatre is focused on teaching students about the arts. This theatre is getting stronger and stronger in the last three decades and more than 3 million students are participating in the shows in California.

Crest Theatre

A night at the crest theatre will bring you some exciting moments. This theatre was opened in 1912 and was known with the name Empress Theatre. In 1946, a bystander was killed when a marquee fell on the person. This theatre hosts many shows including drama, local cinema, and arts. I have really enjoyed the shows, and recommend you to spend a night at this theatre if you ever visit Sacramento.

While traveling from IGAI, New Delhi, the busiest airport in India, I met a traveler who was a great fan of basketball games. He was also traveling to Sacramento, he took me to the Sleep Train Arena. If you want to get an experience of NBA matches then you should travel to this place. 

The Sleep Train Arena

Catch a basketball game at the Sleep Train Arena. It is the place where the Sacramento Kings, an NBA franchise have grown. However, the Sacramento Kings, the longest-running NBA franchise, has been taken over by a tech entrepreneur since 2013.

Final Words

Traveling brings happiness, joy, excitement in life, and your mind gets energized. So whenever you find some free time, plan a trip to some new places to explore and enjoy your life. If you are planning to visit Sacramento, then never miss the above places. Hopefully, the above information has helped you to get some idea of how to plan your trip. 

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