What are the Benefits of Taking an iPhone Insurance Policy?

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The positive response acclaimed by the new iPhone 11, coupled with the sharp price drop in older models has helped the premium smartphone brand significantly. In the 4th quarter of 2019, iPhone recorded a 75.6% market share in the premium smartphone segment in India thanks to this model.

It is a well-established fact that Apple devices are quite expensive and each of its parts can prove to be quite a pocket-pinch in case of an ipad screen repair or replacements. Betrouwbare iPhone reparatie Utrecht om snel weer te kunnen genieten. For example, the cost involved to replace the screen of iPhone 11 typically starts from Rs.15,000. Likewise, a minimum Rs.6,200 will have to be paid to get an iPhone 8’s screen replaced, check out for more.

Regardless, iPhone users who have availed a bajaj iphone insurance immediately after purchasing the smartphone will have an upper-hand. They will be able to meet the unwarranted cost of repair and replacement quite easily and will avail the required assistance in no time. Additionally, there are several other features of such insurance policy which work in favour of a policyholder.

Benefits of an iPhone insurance policy

Here’s a list of features and their associated benefits of availing the best iPhone insurance India plan.

  1. High coverage value and reasonable premium

Leading iPhone protection plans often come with a high coverage value. It comes in handy for policyholders and helps them to meet their financial liabilities with ease. Contrary to popular belief, the premium levied against most smartphone insurance policies is reasonable and easy to pay. In turn, it makes the process of availing an insurance cover for smartphones feasible.

  1. Extent of coverage

It is noteworthy that the iPhone’s extended warranty does not always cover for accidental damages. Also, it does not include damages arising due to theft or burglary.

However, by availing a phone insurance policy, individuals can benefit from extensive coverage which includes such damages.

For instance, Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions like Mobile Screen Insurance policy offered by insurance provider, Bajaj Finserv financially protects users against expenses made to replace a damaged display.

Typically, screen damages arising due to these following situations are covered by insurance policies –

  • Fire, explosion, lightning, etc.
  • Mechanical or electrical malfunctioning.
  • Damage due to dropping.
  • Internal damage owing to liquid spillage.
  • Burglary or robbery.
  • Natural and man-made disasters, including riot, cyclones, flood, etc.

In case individuals intend to financially cover their Apple iPad against the above hazards, they can avail a handheld tablet device insurance plan.  

  1. Customised plans

Based on one’s needs and requirements, individuals can avail a customised Apple iPhone insurance India policy. To elaborate, a smartphone’s extended warranty and insurance policies do not cover damages incurred to the smartphone’s accessories – like charger, earphone, etc.

In such situations, one can add a mobile charger insurance policy to their existing smartphone insurance plan and get covered against the cost of repairing or replacing a charger successfully. 

  1. Simple application process

Most insurance aggregators allow individuals to apply for an iPhone insurance plan online. Typically, applicants are required to follow these simple steps to avail a protection plan for their iPhone like the iPhone 12 Refurbished

Step 1 – Visit the website of an insurance aggregator.

Step 2 – Navigate to the insurance page and click on the ‘Apply Now’ button.

Step 3 – Enter all the required details to fill the application form.

Step 4 – Enter the OTP sent on a registered phone number to authenticate the purchase.

Step 5 – Select a suitable payment mode to complete the purchase.

  1. Easy claim process

Smartphone insurance policies come with a simple to follow and quick to initiate the claim process. Typically, policyholders are required to raise a claim within a day of the damages incurred by the phone.

It must be noted that the claim process may vary from one insurance provider to another, which is why applicants must find out about it in advance.

Therefore, features like high coverage value, reasonable premium, the extent of coverage and simple application and claim process come in handy for phone insurance policyholders. Collectively, they help iPhone users to avail the required financial assistance to get their device repaired or replacement easily.

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