Benefits of Hot Water Cylinder Replacement


Like most people, you will probably start hunting for a new water heater once your old one breaks down. That will occur immediately after visitors arrive for a week-long visit, which is the worst time for it to occur. You won’t have time to find a hot water cylinder replacement that best suits your needs and offers true energy efficiency, so you’ll have to rush out and install whatever is available. It is preferable to start your research right away. You can also explore boiler repair vancouver to address current issues and avoid immediate replacement hassles.

Types of Hot Water Cylinder

Using a hot water cylinder, you can keep hot water on hand for later use. In the UK, vented and unvented hot water cylinders are both readily accessible. These hot water cylinders provide different functions. Due to the basic differences in their hot water delivery systems, their water tank replacement costs also vary.

  • Water heater with vents

A vented hot water cylinder system often consists of cold water tanks in the attic that provide the cylinders with cold water. The cylinders are typically installed in ventilation cabinets where the tank’s bottom is supplied with cold water. Vented cylinders rely on gravity, and the pressure is determined by the height of the cold water tank. This implies that the water pressure increases with altitude. Hence it is best to locate your cold water tank in the attic. However, to ensure that the installation is in the proper space, you need to hire an expert in crawl space encapsulation. This will make your attic a dry and well-structured space.

  • Cylinders for unvented hot water

A water storage tank is optional, with an unvented hot water cylinder arrangement. Instead, the cold water network serves as the direct water source for this closed hot water cylinder. When outfitted to the highest standard, a 30-year lifespan is possible for an unvented hot water cylinder.

Cost of replacing a vented hot water cylinder

You should be able to replace a cylinder in no more than a day. The cost includes labor expenses and auxiliary supplies, including fittings, washers, and PTFE tape. 

Standard copper cylinders can cost you roughly £200, while a thermostat will run you less than £20. Furthermore, excluding the cylinder, don’t anticipate paying the plumber less than £250 for the entire job.

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However, if you want the plumber to supply everything needed to finish the vented hot water cylinder replacement, be prepared to pay between £500 and £600. Plumbers in Hackney offers the best plumbing services in Hackney, London. Should you need to a boiler repair, gas boiler repair, water heater repair, leaky pipes, faucet installation or any pluming related issue, then look no further as they offer the most comprehensive inspection and plumbing repair services in Hackney and neighbor cities.

Benefits of Hot Water Cylinder Replacement

  • Higher rate of hot water recovery

The ability of the water heater to restore hot water after it has been used up is referred to as the recovery rate. Consider the busiest moment in your home when everyone is using the sink or taking showers. Compared to older models, new water heaters have a higher recovery rate. A brand-new water heater gives your home a sufficient supply of hot water.

  • Improved technology

Newer technologies for water heaters are getting more efficient, just like many other elements in homes. You can pay more than necessary for utilities if your home uses an old water heater. A new type is more effective at dispersing hot water to various spots in your home and maintaining water at a particular temperature. A new unit is a long-term investment that can help you save money.

  • The avoidance of future issues

It’s never a good idea to replace your water heater before it breaks or starts to malfunction because they both have a lifespan. To avoid problems and a potential wait for a replacement, it is best to replace an aging unit before it reaches the end of its useful life. In any case, pick a reputable business that can offer you quick service. I highly recommend the professional water heater repair service to anyone experiencing issues with their hot water system.


Consider a hot water cylinder replacement as soon as possible if you have one. A new hot unit not only gives your home a more effective system, better technology, and energy savings, but it also boosts everyone in your household’s comfort and convenience.

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