Al-Barari: The Safe Haven in Dubai – Residential


Magnificently transformed an arid desert into world’s top dynamic cosmopolitan city, Dubai continues to captivate millions of people round the year due to its exotic architecture and to see Best Desert Safari Dubai. Whether it is scorching heat or flowering springtime, Dubai is all set to roll out the red carpet with new attractions which seem to be never ending.

Al-Barari, a splendid residential community is a part of that new development.


Holding the vision of serenity it can be said with certainty that Al-Barari residence is the perfect depiction of your paradise. Birds chirping and singing rings the early morning bells. Relishing around the burbling streams and breathing in the surge of cool air rushing through the lush forests gives you a complete meditating experience at your home.

It was not only to consume an abandoned land to bring an opulent living but also to secure a sustainable community in UAE. To conserve nature-friendly, Al-Barari facilitates the services like composting, recycling and engineering design. More than 14 million square feet floral land fences Al-Barari villas, planned to reserve the nature.


The Reserve

Al-Barari takes the privilege for constructing low-density lodges in Dubai. Four distinct models have been designed for these 14 freehold lodges.

It also offers made -to- order services and allows the client to manage the workers for interior and exterior designing for their lodges.

The Nest

This modern community encompassing 19 million sq. ft. area assimilating 99 villas is an example of state of the art architecture. The villa has a private pool, outdoors shower, open-air entertaining and barbecue space, designed gardens, lawns and parking area for two cars.

The living space equipped with an altitude of wall size which illuminate the house with natural light providing splendid panoramic view of lush surroundings.

Al-Barari has extended services to cater different clients under same roof with its three different designed apartments named Ashjar in the midst of impenetrable woodland. The elevated building is uniquely constructed presenting surging porches.

Seventh Heaven

Al-Barari has been carefully planned to ensure the quality of its amenities in terms of landscape and comfort. Seventh Heaven is a retreat for nature-lovers who prefer to settle far off the restless routine.

The Residences

Al Barari is known by its versatility and aims to cater your multidimensional needs as well by offering unique services and categorizing villas as Acacia, Bromellia, Camellia, and Dahlia. Find all contemporary ready to move apartments for sale in Al Barari and contact with a right agent.

Nature’s health is not the only priority of Al-Barari but it has planned to keep you fit as well. Health club” Body Language” is at the leading edge with modern machinery. Additional services like atelier for Yoga and Pilates, swimming pool with controlled temperature, tennis court and a bistro are an essential part of the community. “Heart & Soul” sauna is a bonus. Whether its forest bathing, Eco therapy, and mindfulness in nature, green time or the wilderness cure are all here to relax you. Massage therapies including facials and other body treatments readily available.

The Farm

When it comes to diet and healthy eating, Al-Barari restaurant stands out providing premium quality with locally grown organic food. The variety of cuisines exhibits the true colors of cosmopolitan city by keeping the doors open to its clients from all over the world.


An extensive plants nursery including hothouse, indoor garden and conservatories accommodate comprehensive range of agricultural needs. Trained landscapers and professional horticulturists precisely and cautiously cultivate a collection of more than 500 sets of plants.

The collection of plants being nurtured in this privately owned nursery varies between shrubs to fruit trees. Some olive trees, which trace back to 700 years old, are a part of this fine conservatory. Greenworks offers extended services to the neighborhood and to their esteemed Al-Barari homes.

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