CFA Exams: Things You Should Know Beforehand


CFA is a globally recognized professional qualification in securities analysis and investment advice that requires extensive investment knowledge, as well as analytical skills and ethics. It is one of the qualifications that are highly evaluated by financial institutions operating on a global scale as a proof of advanced financial knowledge.

The study time for the Chartered Financial Analyst Exam is 1200 hours as a guide. Even if you aim for the shortest pass, you will need at least 900 hours of study time.

The candidate must pass the three levels of the CFA exam (level I, level II and level III) which is carried out entirely in English. Each level involves six hours of testing and takes place in June, and the level I test is also applied in December. 

It is important to emphasize that the candidate must pass sequentially through the levels, that is, he cannot skip any level or partially receive the title of Chartered Financial Analyst. 

The CFA price varies depending on the date the candidate registers, with a discount for the candidate who registers in advance.

The test for CFA certification, as it is considered to be of high level, requires extreme dedication and commitment. Because of this, it takes a lot of persistence and discipline to achieve this type of recognition in the market. 

Planning for the exam

Firstly, the suggestion is that you create a realistic study schedule, taking into account the time available and how much time is left to take the test.

It is worth remembering that the sooner you start, the greater the chances of mastering the content and taking all doubts about the test. Besides, you will be able to study more calmly and at a less hectic pace. Even you can take the help of CFA Best Mock exam.

According to data from the CFA Institute, the average of successful candidates reported having spent about 300 hours studying for each Level.

Start with the most difficult

It is natural that at the beginning of the studies the disposition is greater, so take the opportunity to finish the subjects that are more challenging for you. Thus, as the studies evolve, the content becomes easier to assimilate, generating less wear and tear for you.

Remember that studying is not enough to pass the test. This is because CFA requires at least four years of professional experience in the financial area (before, during or after exams).

For those professionals who intend to stand out in the financial market or who intend to work abroad, having certification can be a relevant differential.

This is because CFA certification was created to consolidate a foundation based on advanced investment analysis and portfolio management without neglecting the emphasis on ethical practice.

It is recommended for those who can firmly grasp and analyze market trends and propose securities tailored to the other party under the ever-changing situation. It is also necessary to have an inquisitive mind to think about other good things without being satisfied with the current situation. The number of CFA qualification holders with the globalization of the financial industry, holding qualifications with experience in the financial industry will be a strong weapon for employment.

It is suggested for the individuals who can immovably get a handle on and examine market drifts and propose protections customized to the next gathering under the consistently evolving circumstance. This is on the grounds that CFA confirmation was made to solidify an establishment dependent on cutting-edge venture investigation and the portfolio the board without disregarding the accentuation on moral practice. The test for CFA affirmation, as it is viewed as of undeniable level, requires extraordinary devotion and responsibility. The applicant should pass the three levels of the CFA test (level I, level II and level III) which is completed totally in English.

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