Reasons To Visit Kerala And Why Should One Start Searching For Kerala Tour Packages Immediately


Someone once famously said – “Travelling is good for the soul” and indeed traveling is good for one’s soul since it provides an opportunity to de-stress, to interact with different people, to experience different cultures and to see the wonders of nature. All of these combine to enrich and widen one’s understanding, ultimately enriching his soul. So, if one is looking to travel this season and cannot decide a place to visit, why not Kerala? After all, with numerous Kerala tour packages, Kerala is both an affordable and interesting place to visit this season.

A brief history of Kerala

Kerala was officially declared to be a state on 1 November 1956 by combining all the Malayalam speaking regions together. Kerala has a rich history which started by the rise of Chera Dynasty, the first prominent kingdom of Kerala, which made Kerala the most prominent exporter of spices in India, a fact that stands true till now. Along with spices, Kerala is also a significant contributor to the manufacturing of rubber, coconut, and tea.

Why should one visit Kerala?

Kerala is often referred to as ‘ God’s own land’ and rightfully so since there are several beautiful and enchanting places to visit in Kerala including but not limited to –

  • The backwaters of Kerala – The backwaters of Kerala has always been a popular tourist attraction and nothing beats the city of Allepey in offering the most fantastic way to experience these backwaters. The houseboat rides on still water, the experience of navigating through intricate lagoons and canals are few experiences that no other place in India could offer. Kumarakom another of such popular backwater cities include. No Kerala tour package is complete without include these backwater experiences.
  • Ancient trading ports like Cochin – Cochin or Kochi is an ancient seaport of Kerala long since used for marine trade. The culture in Kochi is the blend of traditional Kerala culture and the European culture, a fact which is further highlighted by the numerous dishes exclusive to Kochi.
  • The Hill stations of Kerala – Since the Western Ghats run through Kerala, this country abodes several popular hill stations such as – Munnar and Wayanad. Not only these places offer peace and calmness to the visitor but also the several tea and rubber plantations nearby offer views and experience like no other.
  • The beaches of Kerala – Another reason to visit Kerala is for its beautiful beaches like Kovalam beach, Lighthouse beach, Hawah beach, and Samudra beach. These beaches bring out the vastness and serenity of the Arabian Sea. Apart from offering scenic beauty, such beaches also offer beach activities like surfing and jet ski-riding to visitors.
  • National parks – If one is interested in wildlife then he might visit Kerala for its numerous national parks( 16 in total) which include popular parks such as Periyar, Eravikulam, Silent valley national park, etc. to see its large biodiversity

So, if one has the time and money and is looking to explore varying sceneries, he should choose among several Kerala tour Packages as soon as possible. After all, if traveling is good for the soul what can be better than God’s own country.

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