How To Carry Your Motorcycle Gear When You Are Off The Bike?


When you ride there is a lot of stuff that you carry with yourself and some gear that you are wearing. Sometimes it is mandatory to get that with you or to store it somewhere. When you have been riding for some time you know how important it is to carry a rain suit, a pair of clothes with you, and of course extra shoes. If you’re still looking for the perfect pair of shoes, take some time to read some shoes reviews from Footwearly. There are even more things when you are going on a long trip or tours as you must pack things like a toothbrush, some more clothes, shampoo, and many more things. 

The point is at first it is just one thing and pretty soon it adds up to a lot of them. So, you would have wondered at times on how to carry your motorcycle gear when you are off the bike! It is not that difficult or much of a problem, not from now on because here we are going to tell you way and methods with help of which you can easily carry your gear and other stuff when off the motorcycle. 

Smart storage

Before thinking about how to carry your gear and other items with you when you are off the bike think about how you would carry it. Getting the right gear is important this is how, when you have a motorcycle jacket that is protective, armored and is fashionable and comfortable as well you would not have to carry an additional jacket with you. The basic step is choosing the right type of gear and reducing what to carry.

A rain suit usually does not occupy a lot of space so you can avoid buying yourself a waterproof or water-resistant jacket. However, if you want to, it is completely okay. Next thing is to carry as less gear with you as possible. When you have enough and ample storage space you can keep an extra pair of everything from shoes to the helmet but when there is a shortage of space it is better to carry just the important things. 

What to pack, how to carry? 

You are all welcome and free to pack whatever you want and put it wherever you like. But we recommend that you do not put something that is important and expensive from where someone can steal it. When it comes to carrying your items you can get yourself a saddlebag. Look for the one that has easy and quick attachment and unmounting. Most of the saddlebags have straps which help you carry them holding in your hands or you can use the shoulder strap instead. It can get a real pain in the ass to carry lots of bags so in that case, you can leave those bags behind that are secure and safe on the bike. For that, you can look for the bags with locks. However, carrying one bag in hand while wearing other on your shoulders is doable. 

Most of the people leave their helmets with bikes, that is okay when you lock it. If you do not have a lock then you should buy a bag in which you can carry it around. Best way to secure it on the bike is to lock it safely with the bike. Make sure to place it in some area that is high off the ground and visible. Pro tip: if you are going to leave your bike for a while then it is better parking it where it is safe.

Now that you have packet your stuff smartly you know what you can leave behind if you must. The best thing is to carry your stuff with you when you are going off for a significant amount of time. But if you are not able to do that leave your bike in an area where it is safe and visible to others. Try to keep all the small and important stuff in backpacks because they are easier to carry and even if you are wearing them you can still carry some more stuff in your hands. There are many bags available in the market these days that can be mounted on the bike and double as backpacks. Carrying your motorcycle gear would be easier this way.

How to handle the gear

Carrying your gear is not much of a problem for you now. But there is a problem, clearly, because it is absurd to carry each and everything bag with you every time you are off the bike. For instance, when going into a shop to buy something, going to the restroom, or on any short break you would not carry all your luggage. This is how you can do it or if you have a better idea to follow that, no worries. When going in some store keep on wearing the gear and take the helmet in your hands or on the bike if you like. Lock the bike and bags on it and park the bike where it is visible to you. Most important of all try to come back quick, don’t take too long.

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If you have a friend or companion with you it is even better you can leave the bike with them and go do your thing. You can do turns, this way your bike will be safe and you will do the work too. If you have stopped somewhere to eat then it is easier to bring all the luggage, bags and items with you. Put them next to you, on the seat or on the ground whatever is appropriate and available. Park from where you can see the bike and choose a safe area. If waiting to rest it is even easier just bring all of what you have in the room and take it back when you plan on continuing your ride. Also, make sure to lock your bike properly otherwise you would wake up to no bike and all the gear and luggage.

Aside from these gears, you could also consider buying a motorcycle trailer for sale that might be important in your situation. Cheers and safe riding!

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