Should You Scare Of A CT Scan?

CT Scan

Okay so your doctor or health specialist has written you a script for a CT scan, and you probably don’t even cease to think about what it imaging test is, or may realize that your health is going to get benefit from the medical prodigy that is right before you. Well, in simple words, CT scanning technology, which may be further boosted with an ai medical imaging platform, has progressed tremendously over the last 40 years to cater highly precise multi-dimensional images of a body they. These are the images that help medical experts diagnose and treat a huge range of serious conditions with a degree of accuracy and quickness like never seen before.

You can easily come across the Best CT scan in Mumbai or in another city. You know Computed Tomography (CT) imaging is even known as Computed Axial Tomography (CAT) scanning. Before you lose your mind here, have a look at all this below:

In this scenario, the word computed means that highly sophisticated computer software gets used to analyse the x-ray images generated by the CT scan machine. These programs permit the radiologists to take every single picture, or slice, produced and rotate it front to back, view it right straight on or zoom in on such an urbane level of detail that is quite extraordinary. Talking about Axial, it refers to an anatomical plane of body, having cross-sections head to toe. In a CT scan, manifold sections of images having depth are produced in the axial plane via a technique known as tomography. It displays a cross section via a human body or other solid object by making use of X-rays.As an outcome, you get manifold, highly detailed pictures of the human body in no time.

What is the advantage of CT scan over those Conventional X-rays?

A CT scan is fundamentally an x-ray, but it is a much more advanced one. Just ponder of a conventional x-ray as a couple of magnifying glasses or binoculars, and the CT scan as simply a telescope.  Where x-rays only cater two-dimensional images, with the help of a flat picture of all body structures overlaid on top of one another on one plane, the CT scan permits you to arrange the x-rays so that these rotate around the patient to get the images in manifold sections at various different angles of the body.It is the reason that for a CT scan, you have to lieon a table and the doughnut-shaped machine owns an x-ray tube that rotates around you. It rotates around the body right up to 360 degrees, permitting up to 360 individual pictures of the body to get captured at slightly different sites.Adding to this, withpresent day software that makes use of very advanced algebra to add and subtract thicknesses at different angles, there is nearly nothing that cannot be reached.

With the help of these scanners, now, you can easily generate an incredible amount of data about specific areas of your body and specifically imperfections than you might before.Of course, since the scanner does the scanning for the doctors or experts, there remains no room for any guess work. Doctors can be sure about the signs, health issues or other things regarding the body organs and internal structure.

From where Did CT scan started?

Invented in the year 1970’s in England, CT scans were originally used to make images of the brain. Before this time, there was no way in which one could get a glimpse of the body’s soft tissues or structures such as tumours, infection, and blood and so on. But in the present time, CT scans get used in manifold subspecialties of medicine. CT scans are crucial in the evaluation and diagnosis of head trauma or even headaches, cancer, stroke, blood clots, pneumonia, appendicitis and complicated fractures, just to name a couple.

Taking into consideration the fact that the first-generation CT scan took a few minutes to scan just one cross-section of the body, the present day CT scans have advanced amazingly to scan the whole body and generate hundreds of images in mere seconds. It is actually quite rare for a CT scan to last more than five to six minutes.As per some experts, CT scans are also developing to generate not just three, but four dimensions. It adds time to the bigger diagnostic picture. In the case of tumors, doctors can do CT scans with or without contrast to find out how they present over time; they can also find out changes in blood supply to measure the effectiveness of treatments.

Where do these scans take place?

These Ct scans get performed in hospitals, outpatient imaging centers, centresor even medical offices.  Of course, you can always find a good ct scan in your area or city. Sometimes the hospitals do have CT scan facility in their campus only. However, the point is you can find this facility easily in your area.

What to examine with this scanning?

A CT scan can get used to examine any portion of the body. Most frequently, however, doctors tell for CT scans to check the below given areas:

  • Brain, it is for signals of a stroke, tumour, or even any type of bleeding
  • Lungs, for any kind of infection, tumour, and other ailments.
  • Intestines, it is for the blockages and inflammation (such as from infection)
  • Liver, for tumours and even evidence of cirrhosis (advanced liver disease)
  • Pancreas, for tumours and even situations like pancreatitis (inflammation)
  • Kidneys, it is to know about the presence of stones, blockages cysts, , and even tumours
  • Pelvis, for obstruction, infection, or other irregularities of the urinary and reproductive organs (such as bladder, uterus, ovaries,  and even prostate)

Also remember that A CT scan (or CAT scan) characteristically lasts fifteen to thirty minutes. Plan to be at the imaging center for minimum one hour. In case you also need oral contrast for the scan, arrive an hour early to get it and start drinking it.


So, you can comfortably go for CT scan Mumbai and it would be non-invasive and painless.

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