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Family Visa
Family sponsored visa service of Australia

Do you want to live in Australia? It would help if you had an authentic visa for staying anywhere outside your birth country as of not being a citizen of the others. Australia is no exception. You would need proper access to living with your family and friends in Australia.

People believe the procedure of getting a permit and Visa is quite a time-consuming and challenging process. It is indeed time-consuming but not anymore with 489 Family Sponsored Visa Requirements

The 489 Family Sponsored Visa Requirements

If you want to be a part of your family living in Australia, then the 489 family sponsored visa might be of great help to the candidates. There are a few 489 family sponsored visa requirements that you need to meet.

If you do not have the following points, you might have to go through the more complicated and lengthy visa passing procedure. 

The Point Test

The first and foremost thing you should keep in mind while achieving a 489 Family Visa is to go through the eligibility point test. In this step, the candidate needs to take part in the eligibility point test by filling in an application form.

After the introductory formalities, the candidate must go to the specified office mentioned and attend the point test. The authorities ask a few basic questions to the candidates to check out the candidate’s common sense and IQ. If you pass the test, you will get a total of 60 points.

Age Factor

One of the most problematic factors that stop most people from using the 489 family sponsored Visa is the age factor. The candidates applying for the visa should not be of age 50 at any cost. Any unfair means of age reducing activities can make the candidates pay a heavy price.


Not everyone can get to live with their family in Australia using the 489 families sponsored visa as it has called a few Educational Requirements. The candidate applying for the Visa should have at least the minimum knowledge and idea of English.

Skill Test

Another important step of meeting the 489 family sponsored visa requirements is to pass the skill test. You can either have an occupation in any field related to skills and communications or take the skill test to get the Visa in no time. 

Knowing a Relative:

You cannot get an entry in Australia at ease with the help of 489 families sponsored Visa until and unless you have got a relative living in one of the most designated areas in Australia. 

Health Test

The last but not the minor requirement of getting the 489 families sponsored Visa is to pass the health and character test. If you come out with a clean cheat in the health test with no marks of addictions and character test where you are not inhuman or mentally unstable, you can get the Visa at ease.

You need to meet the above requirements for having a healthy lifestyle with your family living in Australia. Apply now!

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