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The analytics industry is no doubt one of the most promising in the digital landscape and given the trend of data-based business strategies, the analytics industry is expected to flourish. Moreover, no business institution can afford to lose out on data monetization and thereby will have to embrace data analytics or big data analytics or data science. Market forecasts suggest that businesses and organizations will spend USD 274.3 billion on analytics itself on 2022!

Capitalizing on the flourishing industry there have emerged plenty of start-ups looking to grab the fabulous opportunity, offering services like- Predictive analytics, Prescriptive analytics, data-based risk management and Data cloud warehouse etc. Interestingly most start-ups are witnessing growth and among them many are emerging out as highly valued companies within a short span.

Let us take a look at two such success stories:


Cropin is one analytics startup based on Bangalore who has successfully tapped into the analytics service provider’s market in India and on a global scale. The company targets the global agricultural sector and provides world class analytical solutions to agriculture-based companies. Cropin’s fascinating services include:

  • Production forecast for Agri Input companies
  • Increasing farm productivity and sustainability
  • Quality maximisation for seed production companies
  • Realtime weather foresight through satellite monitoring and geo-tagging.
  • ML and AI driven weather analytics for increased efficiency.

Such services not only help the companies but also the world itself through increasing food security, avoiding agricultural disasters and sustainable development. Cropin aims to turn agricultural farms smart through its services and as a matter of fact, agriculture needs to be smart today in order to solve the ongoing agrarian crisis.


In today’s digital world, data is power and for business institutions, data is a highly valuable resource. Panoply based on San Francisco, USA, is a company which helps other businesses to harness data in an innovative yet efficient way.

Quickly gaining success the company attracted a lot of attention and bagged investments from leading investors like intel Capital and Blumberg capital. Panoply targets the idea that modern businesses should lose time on analytics and all business should harness big data. Some of the sophisticated analytics services offered by Panoply include:

  • Customized easy-to-use analytics platforms for quick and efficient analysis.
  • Cloud based data collection, data warehousing and query performance optimization.
  • Integration of BI tools for seamless analytics
  • Affordable big data harnessing tools for small and medium businesses
  • Easy and affordable data accessibility

Panoply secured the title of fastest growing SaaS in the 2018 edition of Academy Ocean survey. Gartner awarded the ‘cool vendor’ tag to Panoply in 2019 and is also a high performer in several product reviewing websites.

Get inspired!

Apart from the two stories discussed above there is a host of other examples of analytics start-ups turning highly valued companies which is highly inspiring for individuals who dare to dream. Interestingly Bangalore in India is home to plenty of such start-ups including the likes of Hashed In and Gain Insights. If you aim to pursue analytics as a career and dream to launch your own start-up then you should consider enrolling in Analytics courses in Bangalore!

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