Tips for Choosing the Ideal Children’s Room


How to choose children’s furniture

The children’s room is a room where everything happens: play, sleep, study … And you must be prepared so that everything can happen without problems. In this video you will find some tips that will help you to get the bedroom of your dreams.

Children’s decoration, shared rooms

Having small children share a room with their older siblings will help them feel more secure. Also, if they can sleep in a bed adapted to their size, they will not be afraid of anything when they switch off the light. For this purpose, the expandable beds that will grow with them as their fears disappear are ideal.

Decoration ideas, curtains for the cradle

The baby’s crib has to be in a place sheltered from the intense lights. Protect it from strong lighting with a curtain that allows light to pass through but without dazzling you. If you also take advantage of the space and add a drawer for your clothes and an armchair to rest comfortably at your side: comfort will be for you too.

Together before going to sleep

The parents’ bed is often the best meeting point before going to bed or good morning. Therefore, that your bed is also spacious and comfortable will make the time of the story much more enjoyable and fun.

Furniture for children: create a reading corner

That your children are calm is not only achieved with a good bed and better lighting: if your room has a corner to read and think about your things will help them to be more relaxed at any time of the day. Complement it with a cushion and a good lamp and you will not want to leave your corner for anything in the world!

Fasten the furniture to the wall

Think that children are curious by nature and never stop. To avoid shocks, attach the largest and highest furniture to the wall. In the event that they wanted to become climbers, the mountain would remain in place and they would not hurt themselves.

Safe furniture for children

Be careful with the corners of furniture and cables at your fingertips. Bassinets, playards and mini cribs have rounded corners to avoid attracting bumps, although you can always reinforce any furniture with safety corners and install lighting appropriate for your age.

Multifunctional berths

The bunk beds are an ideal way to save space when your children share room from 7 years solution. That pile of room can now be used to play, do homework or draw any half plan.

Decorate a children’s room with a canopy for your children

The time to rest is full of imagination, adventures and dreams that are fulfilled while they sleep. Would not it be ideal if your own travel ship during those relaxing hours was also very inspiring?

Canopy is designed to make your bed for children a comfortable, safe and attractive place for them. It will scare away all your nightmares and give you the feeling of being in a unique and collected space where everything you dream can come true.

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