Some of the Best Mountain Cycles for off-road Cycling


A mountain cycle? What will I do with a mountain bike? It is a common question that an Indian might ask. But, he who knows the utility of a mountain bike knows how to value it. Ask an adventure sport lover how it feels to ride through steep gorges, rugged terrains, dense forests, and more to feel the thrill of the drill. Yes, if you too are a cyclist who loves to travel mostly off-road terrains, then a mountain cycle or even a hybrid cycle will be able to satisfy your requirements quite well. You can also read more at MountainBikeHangout if you’re looking for a hybrid bike that offers cycling in multiple road conditions.

Here’s a list of mountain and hybrid folding bikes that will help you make a logical purchase for your next thrilling expedition in the hills. 

Top 5 Mountain and Hybrid Cycles

  • HERCULES TOP GEAR-A29 R1:  The cycle is made of durable aluminium material, equipped with Shimano Gears. You are looking at the best mountain cycle available in India. The gears are equipped with easy thumb shifters and fire shifters. The suspension is best for travelling on rough terrains so that your ride is as smooth as possible. You will feel the rugged sturdiness of MTB bikes along with swift manoeuvring. Note that this is not a hybrid cycle. If you’re looking for an electric bike, check out Biktrix.
  • Hero Hawk Nuage 27T Single Speed bike: The exquisite single-speed hybrid cycle is pretty well-suited for your off-road adventures. You can also use this on urban roads. The premium steel used to make this cycle’s frame fortifies this one to be the ideal choice for rough riders. The rigid suspension and the solid stability are some of the USPs of this attractive hybrid cycle which weighs around 9 kg. The drop-down racing handlebar, the synthetic resin grips, and the calliper brakes operated by cables collectively form the core of this super cool hybrid cycle that can be used as a mountain cycle as well. 

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  • Roadeo A65 26T Black with Red and Grey: It is a geared cycle with front and back derailleurs and Shimano shifters to make your mountain biking a pleasurable experience. The brake levers are also sturdy and durable. Quick acceleration and feather touch braking systems contribute towards making this mountain cycle one of the bests in India. The sleek saddle ensures utmost comfort for the rider irrespective of the terrain type they are travelling on. The suspension is durable and sustains pressure quite well. Now travelling uphill is just a child’s play with the Roadeo A65 mountain cycle. Thinking twice about the price? Nope, those days are over because now you have power in your hands. Buy it with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card to avail of mind-blowing offer prices, the no-cost EMI option, and more. You will get tired of exploring, but the list won’t end; yes, you too can have access to this diverse range of options with a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card. 
  • Hercules Kombat ZX 24T Victor: Now you have the mountain cycle that looks good and has reflectors on the pedals. Look smashingly hot as you ride this mountain cycle. The chain covers will prevent your legs and arms from getting torn. Plus, maintaining this mountain bike is no more a problem. You can take it to the nearest authorized service centre once in a while to keep its performance top-notch. The bike comes with solid suspension to handle pressure even on the roughest of terrains. The stabilization of this cycle is pitch-perfect so, you don’t have to worry about your safety. 
  • Montra Madrock: When it comes to a geared mountain cycle, Montra deserves a special mention. The mountain bikes come with high-end Shimano derailleurs, shifters, cog set, Shimano brakes, and tires with rigid beads to ensure perfect gripping. The cycle is comfortable for travelling long hours on rugged terrain. Say hello to your destination as fast as possible without getting tired on this beautiful mountain cycle. The gear shifting is buttery-smooth plus, the saddle is made of high-density foam that means let the bumps come your bum won’t hurt! 

We know your love for adventures, and that is why you’re here, reading this article. It is time for you to start your onward off-road journey with the best cycle, so think no more, take out your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card and make the intelligent purchase to realize your adventure dreams.

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