Complete Step Of The Sand Casting Process


It is a process which includes the casting of equipment from a sand mould. The word ‘sand casting’ itself says that it uses sand as a mould. The process of sand casting produced over 60% of the materials. This method of sand casting is trendy because it is cheap and adequately stubborn for steel industries too.

Sand castings are fabricated in special Sand Casting Company known as foundries. To increase the plasticity and strength of the sand (clay), some other substances are also added in it with water.

Sand is placed in a mould box, or the frame knows as the flask. The moulding chamber and the gates to pour the liquid metal are created, compressing the sand to an object known as a pattern.

The Sand Casting Company uses sand casting to make goods for their customers. They hire well-trained professionals for their work for both mold casting as well as for finished products. 

The Primary Process of Sand Casting:

  • Firstly, the first half of the pattern is placed in the sand to create the mould.

Patterns are the replica of the object that is to be created by the pouring the metal. It is created by a skilled pattern maker using wood, plastics and many more. The patterns are made little magnified from the finished product. 

  • Compress the sand with the pattern and make the gating system.

The mould box is placed upon the pattern, and then moulding sand is packed in a vibratory manner. Then a cover is placed upon the box and turned upside down. The mould is kept for sometimes for drying as it contains wet sand and organic compounds. 

  • The pattern is removed from the mould.
  • Then the pouring of molten metal is done.

The pouring is always done after the mould is dry; otherwise, a steam explosion may take place. In some cases, the mould is oiled to reduce the waiting time for the mould to dry. 

  • Then allowing the metal to cool down.

Some metal plates, chills, are placed in the mould to control the solidification process. It prevents from internal voids or porosity inside casting.

  • At last, the sand mould is broken, and the casting is removed.

After all the processes, the required product is taken out after cleaning the sand. Then it is furbished and finalized the required item.

Sand casting can also be categorized into two different methods. They are green sand and air set method. 

  • The green sand is the old method used by Sand Casting Company, by using wet sand called as clay. There are many processes in green sand for the proportion of clay. The choice of the sand in order of the temperature in which the metal is poured and many more. The final product formed is rough and can be distinguished from other methods. 
  • The air-set method of sand casting is done, using dry sand instead of wet. It has the same process as the green sand. After the solidification process the mould breakdowns itself in the removal process. We can identify the method of casting by seen the surface of the product. The air set method is used when deep narrow pockets are necessary for the pattern.

Sand Casting Company, nowadays, is well-established foundries and gives works to millions of casting professionals over the world. These methods of sand casting are so much popular from the ancient times and helpful to cast metals items much cheaper and in an efficient way.

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