How Technology Usage Can Affect Your Body


This is something almost no one wants to hear, but you know it is something you should hear. Technology has come a long way in the last few decades to the point it has become a part of our daily lives. People nationwide use their phones, tablets, computers, laptops, etc several times a day, but their usage comes at a price you may not have noticed right away. Using these electronic devices has been linked to physical ailments such as neck pain, shoulder pain, digestive issues, and back pain. There have also been connections made between the use of electronics and a decline in cognition.

Negative Effects of Technology on Your Cognition

The effects of technology on the body are gradual as they occur over time, so you may not even know the harm that is being done until the pain starts. There are three main ways the use of electronics can cause physical problems.

1. Sitting at a Computer: 

It may seem inconsequential, but sitting at a desktop computer for several hours can cause several physical problems. You are likely to be sitting with poor posture the longer you remain sitting causing you to develop neck pain, back pain, tightening of your neck and back muscles, and puts increased pressure on the internal organs. These physical problems are most common to occur if you have a job where you sit at a desk computer for long hours a day (Norton, 2021).

2. Working on Laptop: 

Because a laptop gives you the freedom of working wherever you want there is a higher chance of having poor posture. When using a laptop there is a need to be comfortable, but comfortability can often mean hunching over and leaning to one side. It could also mean laying down but curving your upper spine upward to see the screen of your laptop. Any of these positions can curve your spine in awkward positions causing pain, muscle strain, and tightening of muscles in the neck and spine. In worst-case scenarios, depending on how long your body is positioned in awkward positions, there can also be a risk of disk herniation, and nerve impingements (Norton, 2021).

3. Phone and Tablet Use: 

Living on your phone, and tablet gives the most freedom of all but comes with the most amount of physical ailments. There is a tendency to look straight down instead of holding the head at a proper angle when looking at a phone or tablet. This is one of the biggest causes of weakened muscles, strained muscles, and pain in the neck. It’s also important to mention that the constant use of phones and tablets can cause shoulder pain, headaches, and migraines. These physical problems can also be worsened by poor posture and the physical problems that come with poor posture (Norton, 2021).

Restoring Your Physical Health

Medical doctors address the symptoms that come with the use of electronics, but only a chiropractor can address the main cause of any physical problem you are having after long continuous usage of electronic devices. There’s an initial examination when you choose to go to a chiropractic clinic to discuss your physical symptoms and determining a treatment plan that’s effective, and safe. Not all chiropractors are the same though, as not all are equipped to do the amount of diagnostic testing needed to make a correct diagnosis before determining an effective treatment plan. Choosing a chiropractor in Houston, and certain areas in New York, have some of the best rehabilitators that are equipped to perform X-Rays and EMG testing to view the current alignment of your spine and the responsiveness of your nerves (CORE Chiropractic, 2021).

The most common treatments for any physical problem you experience from the constant use of electronic devices are cervical decompression therapy and spinal decompression therapy. Cervical decompression therapy is one of the best treatments for realigning your cervical spine. Realignment of the cervical spine is a highly effective treatment for herniated disks, tight muscles, strained muscles, headaches, and migraines. It is also a great way to re-stimulate understimulated nerves, relax overstimulated nerves, and improves blood circulation (CORE Chiropractic, 2021)(Healthy Living, 2021). Spinal decompression therapy is similar in the sense that it realigns the spine in your back giving the same relief cervical decompression therapy provides. Although, the difference between the two is that the benefits of spinal decompression therapy are improved joint mobility, increased flexibility, reduced pain, reduced muscle strain, and relaxation of tight muscles in the back, shoulders, and hip muscles. As a side note, it should also be mentioned that if you suffer from depression or anxiety, then spinal decompression therapy can calm over-stimulated nerves that may be causing your anxiety. It can also re-stimulate under-stimulated nerves to ease your depression (CORE Chiropractic, 2021)(Healthy Living, 2021). Seeking the help of a chiropractor is not as common as it should be for the relief of physical ailments that are caused by the frequent use of technology throughout the day. By choosing to go to a chiropractor for the physical issues you have it can be the best thing you can do as you will have help for the main problem, and not just treating the symptoms.

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