Probing Into The Key Characteristics Of Best Law Firms In India


No matter which country it is, all highly successful law firms will possess similar key characteristic features. Just as in all sectors of business, education, professional career or any other, there is no magic wand for success. There are a lot of efforts, practice and principle involved behind the abracadabra for success.

Every firm will differ in their business principle and policy, service offerings, pricing policy and markets. Though these can widely vary, there are however a few overriding principles which when practised will surely yield results. If you want to excel and make a mark in the market then you will need to follow these principles as it should be followed.

Create A Clear Strategy

The most significant and perhaps the most result driven factor is to have a clear and immaculately formulated business strategy in place. This critical characteristic coupled with a clearly demarcated service proposition will enable you to reach out and serve the market you wish to.

Having a definite business strategy means you are already half way up the ladder of success. When you have a strategy there is no scope of any distraction or deviation you’re your business goals and no forays in any areas that may dilute your primary proposition. You will surely be able to secure a high position in the list of some of the Best law firms in India.

  • Demarcate your service – It is said that ‘If you want to be outstanding, you have to stand out.’ A clear business strategy alone will not be enough to succeed in your goal. You must demarcate your service as well. It is then that you will be able to send the strategic message effectively to others to understand, whether it is your client or your staff. When your strategy is well established and communicated, it will create your Unique Selling Propositions and will easily enable you to stand apart from the crowd in the marketplace. However, the differentiation theory does not end there and in fact it is just half of it.
  • Back it up with brand value – Follow the technique of any good marketing professional to excel in your field and be on top of all Law firms in Delhi. To do it ideally and effectively you must back up your business strategy with brand values. This will create a better appeal to your clients. That means when you have formulated your service offerings, your USPs and your markets, you must now focus on developing a distinct style so that your brand value is clear in the minds of your targeted audience.
  • Deliver what you promise – You must put your client right in the front and centre. Work for them and makes sure that the services provided by you reach to them on time and consistently. Most successful law firms go to great lengths to ensure that they deliver actual service rather than lip service. Establish useful protocols that will enable you to manage and handle the expectations of your clients effectively and efficiently. The elements to cover must include information updates and warnings of any potential delays.
  • Audit the entire process – Make sure that you do not stick to age old protocols. Keep up with the changes and developments and audit your process regularly. Perform client surveys periodically so that you can fine tune your service. Know what they want and give enough importance to the positive and beneficial opinions.
  • Consider following a practice management system – This will help you to provide the clients with up-to-the-minute reports for the progress of the case. This will also allow easy access to the disputed matters through a secure portal. The key differentiator is great client service as that will enable you to retain your reputation and have more clients in the process. Better client satisfaction will also provide the knock-on effect of referrals.

Give Importance To Clients:

It is important that you believe and also make others believe that clients belong to the firm. There are several solicitors who are very possessive about their clients. If your firm is multi-disciplinary and offer a variety of legal service then eliminating internecine turf wars is compulsory.

This will cause significant damage to your practice and you will lose all opportunities for cross reference and servicing. All law firms claim this to be the case but you must capitalize on it. The best way to do this is to have a feedback session at the end of every client transaction. This will enable you to know about other legal needs of your clients thereby increasing the potential for additional business.

Have A Managing Partner

To manage your activities and practices do not focus on the lead role. You may be surprised but it will surely make you end up falling between two stools. Avoid it if you do not want to have any adverse effect on your fee earning ability.

  • The best way to do it is to have a managing partner and vest him or her with the responsibility of client management and development.
  • Make sure that the managing partner is also a business qualified manager and not just an LLB. Few law firms even engage a qualified MBA to lead in their legal practice.

Place To Work

Working environment is another significant aspect to excel in your field. If your firm develops the staff, invests in them and create a better workplace culture you will easily outperform others who do not.

It is only an engaged and committed staff that will not only perform better but will also eliminate the revolving door syndrome. This principle is also applicable to lawyers and support management members of the team to ensure that they are inveterate and more productive.

Use Of Technology

To be recognised and respected in your community use technology to improve your practice. There are a lot of software and good IT systems that can provide significant advantages in compliance and client relationship management amongst others. It will keep your staffs, the SRA and different other Law Societies happy.

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