Best Features for a Home in 2020


Interior house design has flourished in the recent decade, offering new styles and a variety of aesthetics to suit a diverse range of personal tastes. Below are some of the most popular items and trends over the years to improve your home design and offer useful additions to your space.

Surround Systems

While many people think that all you need for a great viewing experience of films, sports or your favourite programmes is a large television screen, audio is a feature often neglected. But in recent years, the importance of sound has been recognised and surround systems have become a much more common addition to homes, and practically an essential for cinephiles who want to create a home theatre. Sound quality is heightened, and brings to life what is on the screen for a more immersive experience.


A fireplace instantly makes a home cosier and more comfortable, and in times where utility bills tend to skyrocket, having a fireplace which provides a substantial amount of heat without compromising on efficiency and cost is a great investment. A fireplace is also a lovely piece of décor which can transform a room from uninteresting to an inviting space. There are a variety of different styles of fireplaces, which you can explore at stonewoods.co.uk, from traditional to electric or more modern styles to suit different homes. People tend to naturally gravitate towards sources of light and heat in social situations, and having a fireplace (especially in the holiday season) can provide a lively hub for conversation and atmosphere.

Stained Glass Accents

In the past, stained glass windows were reserved for homes and spaces which were inhabited by wealthy individuals and organisations. As time has passed, techniques for crafting these panels were finetuned and have thus become more widely available and popular in regular housing. Stained glass windows provide colour and style to any room in a sophisticated and subtle manner. The art style is very versatile which offers you colour and image options to match your personal tastes. Stained glass windows also offer a greater degree of privacy, and are a great idea for those who have rooms that are easily visible to the public. As there are spaces between the panes of glass, it provides extra insulation, meaning it is a more energy efficient style of window which can save you money in the long run.

Kitchen Islands

This is an attractive feature in any home, and makes the kitchen a more organised space, providing more room to put out food or extra amenities. These are especially great for young families, and islands with cabinets you can get cheap from Wholesale Cabinets Phonenix AZ also provide more storage space.

An island is a really creative and innovative idea, and they come in a variety of styles and different materials to suit the composition of each and every home.

We hope this list has given you some inspiration for your dream home, and provoked some intrigue for the features which really transform your space, bringing exciting change and development in an area where you spend a large portion of your time.

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