50 Tips To Increase Your Page Rank In Google


Are you always hiring way as how to increase page rank of your website? Are you want to increase page rank of your website speedily? So, here I am suggesting 50 tips which will be useful for you to increase your website’s Page Rank in Google as –

  1. Try to build your site with WordPress or Joomla.
  2. Always give priority to their site and read their comments and reply.
  3. Increase your website load speed.
  4. Create a site map or site map for your site.
  5. Download and install the Alexa toolbar and invite users to work.
  6. Placing widget in your site Alexa rank widget.
  7. Web address of your default browser and invite users to work.
  8. Help a good posting Alexa.
  9. Plug the transmitter (Redirect) Links to WordPress Posts.
  10. Review and criticism (feedback) in your site Alexa Page.
  11. Ping site to increase site visits by WordPress.
  12. Write for people, not machines.
  13. Learn what others know.
  14. Learn the proper way links bodybuilding.
  15. Use free services (free services) on the website.
  16. Do not put the welcome banner.
  17. The lack of Flash menus, which are not accessible by search engines.
  18. Excessive use of Ajax.
  19. Link broken (Broken Links) to find
  20. Observing keyword density.
  21. Site Contact (Contact page).
  22. Cross connections.
  23. Less than 100 links on a page of links to Consider.
  24. Test your site by displaying a different browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox.
  25. Use of robots.txt on your website.
  26. The use of hidden text or links, words can prevent repeated or misleading.
  27. Pages of a secret, deceptive delivery (Redirect), the site pages.
  28. Write the article Alexa.
  29. Alexa put meta tags on the site.
  30. Guest posting on sites with enabled.
  31. The availability of the site.
  32. Create a logo for your site.
  33. Create a digital signature.
  34. Never use illegal techniques.
  35. Make sure your site is under construction, incomplete or contain little content or materials that are unique, too.
  36. Check whether your web server host supports the If-Modified-Since HTTP header.
  37. No link to the spammer, the Lynkzarha, fake page, the phishing pages.
  38. Sign up for RSS feeds.
  39. Write posts related to the subject / related posts plugin installed.
  40. Submit your handwritten books and articles directories, articles Insert.
  41. Promotional clip or Create backlinks in directories can download videos.
  42. Create your account in Facebook content that you publish.
  43. Create a Twitter account and its contents published at length.
  44. Take part in an online Q & A sites.
  45. Great software to create one or more directories and software, you can upload.
  46. Whois register your site in search engines.
  47. Extensions or plug at the end of each post to share your content.
  48. Google Plus plug-in or plug in your site.
  49. The bookmarks add to your web site.
  50. The “Search” on your site.

If you follow above postulates carefully provided by Web Solution Winner SEO Blog USA then, it’s sure that your website will be get ranked within one to three months…

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