3 Ways to Show Your Partner That You Love Them


When we end up in a long-term relationship, it can become normal to forget about the small romantic notions that we would do for our partner. This usually happens because we end up caught up in real life occurrences such as day jobs and needing to complete tasks and chores. Plus, we end up being very comfortable with our partners (which can be a lovely thing and proof that you are right for one another). That being said, you need to ensure that there is a spark and continue surprising them with little thoughtful gifts or sentiments so that your partner knows that you still care for and love them. Not showing them that you love them can cause tension within the relationship and this could, in turn, cause problems down the line. 

Looking for ways to show your partner that you love them? Read on for some inspiration!

  1. Ask Them How Their Day Went

Something as simple as asking your loved one how their day went and what they got up to can be enough to show them that you care about them, their well-being, and what they did in their free time or at work. You can also gain a deeper understanding of them as a person as you learn about what they like to do and how they handle certain things in their life. When you ask them how their day went, however, be sure to listen to them. If you fail to listen, then you will only do the opposite and cause frustrations. 

  1. Give Them a Thoughtful Gift

While gifts are not a necessity and certain couples prefer to show their affection through gestures, the odd present can be exceptionally meaningful if you find the right one. For instance, have you considered a custom map print or star maps of the place or night the two of you met, became official, or to mark any other milestone event? Head over to and check out their variety of maps. Choose a place that has meaning for the both of you and watch them gush at the sentimental value this present holds. 

  1. Cook Them a Meal

If you do not know their favourite meals already, try and find out and look up recipes so that you can surprise your other half with a delicious meal. You can make this a romantic affair, be it an evening meal surrounded with candles and romantic meals or a cute and wholesome picnic at a local scenic spot. You will find that even if your cooking skills are nothing special, they will appreciate that you even attempted to surprise them with a romantic homecooked meals – and that’s the most important thing!

Remember to say ‘I love you’ through your actions as well as your words. Gestures are just as important, so a homecooked meal and asking them how their day was can be enough to make them feel special and heard. 

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