5 Considerations for Choosing a Retirement Home


As we move out of work and start our journey into old age, we can find ourselves facing the need for supported living. Luckily, there are plenty of retirement homes to choose from. The move into a retirement home can be scary and confusing, so it’s best to bring in the support of your loved ones and get your family on board. Whether you need full assisted living or independent living, there are several considerations to make before you make the move. Below, we will guide you through our top advice. 

Get Family Support

Choosing a retirement home is an important job that will call for cooperation. Whether you’re looking for yourself or a family member, you won’t be able to do the job if there’s unnecessary friction. So, before you start searching, you need to sit down and discuss your goals. When you’re all reading from the same chapter, it will be an easier task. 

Create a List of Essential Criteria

You should look into your retirement options well before you need them so that you’re not caught off guard. When you’re looking for your retirement homes, make sure that they can provide care if need be, are in the correct place, and cost the right amount of money. You should aim for one that offers a healthy balance of all three, like Portside at Grande Dunes

Create Yourself a Wish List

Once you’ve got your essentials down, you should look for places that fit in with your wish list. For example, perhaps you’ve always wanted to live by the ocean. Or if you need a stairlift with specialised seat features. You should enjoy your retirement, considering you’ve worked all your life for it. Therefore, don’t let your desires get lost in transition while your family finds you a retirement home.

Consider Recreational Time

As you age, it’s important to stay active and independent. Therefore, you should look for homes that offer rich recreational activities, give you access to the gym, and have good public transport links.  Further, if you’re into swimming or golf, you should look for a home that ticks those boxes. A home with access to a golf course can help you play better golf. When you make your first inquiries, these are all things you can find out before you visit a place. 

Get Full Fee Details

We’d like to think that you’ll find reasonable prices. However, you will find stiff competition and unfair prices. Also, you may be faced with hidden costs once you’re inside. With that in mind, make sure that you dig beyond the initially quoted price and have someone look over the small print. 

Mingle with the Residents

Finally, before you move into your chosen home, you should go and visit the place. The majority of homes will let you go and join in some community events so you can get a feel for the place and meet some of the residents. 

Finding your retirement home can be stressful. However, making sure that your loved ones share your goals will make the process easier. Remember, this is your retirement so make sure you get from it what you need.

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