4 Valuable Techniques to Grow Your Law Firm


You have done the hard part. You finally made the move from simply practicing law, to actually owning your own law firm. As a result, you will already understand the challenges of starting up and running a business.

You will also know that the challenges keep on coming. Your firm might be turning over a reasonable profit right now, but you’re on this article for one sole reason: you want to grow your business, but you don’t know where to begin.  

Ultimately, scaling up a law firm – or any business for that matter – is a tricky process. You not only need to bring in the right people and implement the right strategies, but also acquire a significant amount of new clients.

To help make this tricky process that bit more manageable, here are four valuable techniques to grow your law firm. 

Get creative with your marketing efforts

If you want to bring in more clients, this begins by enhancing your marketing strategy. 

While you might already have a website and some business cards, the marketing world is a diverse one. This means there are plenty of opportunities to expand into different promotional territories. 

For instance, you could decide to sponsor a local event that is relevant to your target market. Growing your community reach shouldn’t just be restricted to physical marketing, either. You can also utilize local SEO to your advantage. 

Implement technology 

If you’re not making use of modern technology already, your law firm is definitely missing out. 

There are digital onboarding solution for law firms that can improve your business. Accounting software makes it possible to automatically track income and expenses. Cloud-based software lets employees access and edit files anytime, anywhere. Communication has also never been easier with video calls and instant messaging apps. 

Plus this is just scratching the surface – there are many ways technology can be used in business. 

Outsource tasks to legal professionals 

You might not have given it much thought, but it is true: you can outsource tasks to professional and talented legal practitioners.  For example, you may need lawyers that knows how to speak in a different language so you find Chinese speaking lawyer near me.

Via legal process outsourcing (LPO) services, you can send out a wide range of tasks to be completed by an external practitioner. These tasks range from handling client calls to conducting legal research. 

You can easily grow your law firm with LPO assistance for a number of reasons. As a starting point, you will benefit from the work of a proficient specialist. More importantly, however, is that by delegating tasks to LPO, your legal team won’t be rushed trying to prepare for litigation. This also means you can place a greater focus on more important jobs. 

Reduce your office space 

Now this might seem counterproductive to a law firm that is attempting to grow. However, there’s no point in spending money on an unnecessarily large office space. After all, rent is one of the biggest operational costs for your business. 

If your firm can operate in a smaller office space, you should look to make the move. The amount of money that can be saved over time could be significant, and this can then be invested in more important business functions.

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