Beautiful and Healthy Plants for Office Decor


Offices have the utmost level of work where several activities are running at the same time, which consequently results in making it the place of chaos, anxiety, depression, and stress. To overcome these problems, the researchers had suggested the solution, i.e., implanting the plants in the office space to make the surrounding fit for body and mind. These plants help in beautifying office interiors as well as the health of the employees and reduces stress. Office desk plants can be unique, stylish, and can look elite to the office culture. Put money into good-quality office furniture; it really gives you a tranquil atmosphere. Also, consider that South Coast Office Supply Inc. offers printer leasing; they give the best deals. So, let’s make such beautiful and healthy plants part of our office space which may enhance the productivity of the working staff as well as their health.


The common name of Spathiphyllum is Peace Lily. It is a wonderful plant and helps to clarify the air by soaking the toluene, xylene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and benzene present in the air. It can be a part of the office entrance/reception or can be placed in front of a big window. To protect your plants from too much sunlight, consider installing Solar House window tints. Moreover, this type of flowering plant can be a good alternative for materialistic things to utilize the space and also to enhance the beauty of the workplace.


The more authentic name of Gerbera is Gerbera Daisy. It is a plant with vibrant coloured flowers and brightens up the aura of the surroundings. This beauty eradicates the harmful substances from the environment, for instance- benzene that induces from printing systems, wall paintings, and many others like, machines and office decors. Nonetheless, the releasing of oxygen and absorption of carbon dioxide and other airborne toxins at night enhance its sale economically.


Dracaena Reflexa is a tall shrub and generally indicated as Warneck Dracaena. This plant is perfect for empty spaces to fill them with greenery as these plants have leaves that fall out like a fountain, occupying space. Furthermore, its leave reduces the pollutants (benzene, trichloroethylene, and carbon dioxide, etc.) that arise from varnishes and oils used in polishing the furniture. Dracena’s internal mechanism also maintains humidity.


Ficus Benjamin has waxy leaves which partially steep a texture of plastic bunch of leaves and prominently known as the name of Weeping Fig. Its leaves help in filtering the pollutants such as benzene and formaldehyde. These pollutants can be part of woods, furniture, and carpets used in the offices. It also contains antimicrobial and anti-dysentery properties.


Aloe plants are the best alternative for antiseptic and anti-allergic products. Keeping aside these two qualities, it has air filtering quality as well and also requires less attention in terms of watering and sunlight. Aloe Vera has a blast of benefits such as the presence of Vitamin C in it helps in block bleeding, swollen gums, lowers blood pressure, maintains sugar levels, and enhances skin beauty. If we keep aside the later fact, all the other facts and benefits of Aloe plants make them ideal to be part of office decor.


Azalea is a type of flowering shrub. Apart from maintaining the beauty these shrubs maintain a cool environment, hence keeping the thermostat low. Moreover, it can also filter the air to combat formaldehyde. A bite of the pitch of these flowers may cease the cough, cold, and insect bite as it has antifungal, antiviral, and insecticidal potential.

Bring these small plants to your office and transform your office environment today, for the better quality of air, health, freshness, and positive energy. If you’re in need of storage solutions for your workplace, consider the convenience of buying office lockers online.

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