5 Reasons Why You Can’t Comment On Facebook And How To Fix It?


Facebook is the tub of comments, pictures, shares, and reactions. It’s sad if you are detached from this lovely facility. Don’t worry, I have something that can get the commenting facilities back to you. I have received many complaints like “why can’t I Comment On Facebook.” This is why I have the solution today. Let’s see what’s in my bag. 

If Facebook is opposing your ability to comment on the images or in posts, don’t feel sad. Many times, troubleshooting takes place. This may be caused by the slow internet connection, usage of VPN, browser extension, etc. So, find the fault and make the easy solution. 

Don’t worry; I am here to guide you.

You will again type your thoughts with sweet images and then will post them from your Facebook accounts. Are you using a toolkit for Facebook? Then you may have problems in some cases.

Umm, let’s see what I can do for you…

Why Can’t You Comment On Facebook?

There may be some potential reasons behind these problems. First, you find this out and then make a solution. Find the fault that you made previously. It will be easier for you to make easy solutions. 

  1. Blocked By Facebook

If people ban someone from a Facebook page, then the person can’t comment on their pictures. Can’t Comment On Facebook only on a particular page or on everything? Facebook provides this facility to the users. Then can select who will comment on the pictures. If the person thinks you are not on the list who can comment, then he or she can block you from commenting on the posts.

On the other hand, Facebook can also be put in Facebook jail. Many times, people comment intensive words in the comments section, which is not correct. If someone complains against you for this case, you are going to live in the Facebook jail longer. 

  1. Browsing Issue

Is this problem happening times ago or recently? Many times, users use a VPN to open the Facebook site. In this case, you may get the problem. Try to open your account using individual devices. It is a simple problem that has an easy solution. When you stop using VPN, you can automatically comment on the posts.

On the other hand, you may find problems in the browser for cache memory. You clear your desktop’s cache and then try once more. Don’t worry about that browning issue.

  1.  Facebook Permission

You need Facebook permission to comment on other’s posts. Many times, you will see people can’t comment on the pictures of the celebrities because they don’t allow ordinary people to comment rubbish on the photos.

Just like this, many channels and Facebook pages leave the comment section for specific people. Except for them, no one will be able to comment on their posts. Do you want to know how to turn off comments on a Facebook post? Then you also can do the same; not unnecessary people will pamper you through the nasty comments.

  1. Technical Error

The technical error happens in almost all apps. If you are using Instagram, you will see, for instance, it will stop working. You can’t even scroll down. This same happens in the case of Facebook comments as well. In fact, you often post comments on someone’s pictures, and that does not get posted. After hours, you will find this automatically posted.

So, avoid these types of technical errors. They never last long. If you face a particular pause, then there may be some significant issues. But typically, it never happens. You will find your comment posted automatically in a few fragments.

  1. Old Version Of Facebook

Can’t comment on Facebook? Make sure that you are not using the old version of Facebook. Maximum users access Facebook from their mobile phone, and many of them ignore updating the version. When Facebook provides a new version that means, they have added more facilities for the users.

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This time, never do that. For using the old versions, your Facebook app can get stuck and slow. Update the new version of Facebook right now. Then see your comment section go back to its previous method. You will be able to comment successfully.

Solution If You Can’t Comment On Facebook

I have already provided the prime reason for Facebook being stuck. You can use some tricks that will make your Facebook good again. Have patience first. 

  1. Log out your account on Facebook and log in.
  2. Open Facebook from other devices.
  3. Clear cache of your device and then open Facebook. 
  4. Go to the Facebook setting and make changes if necessary.

Gather Thoughts And Comment

Do you know why you can’t comment on Facebook? Then do what I have said. I am sure you will get your problem solved. This is a common problem that happens with every user. You don’t need to think over the sky for this minor issue.

So, gather your thoughts and write a comment. Then click on the send button and post the excellent comment in your friend’s pictures. Make your comments and enjoy Facebook’s nice feature.

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