Top Reasons Why Serviced Accommodations Are Way Better Than the Standard Hotels


In this modern era of perfect hospitality, we all can enjoy the experience of an exemplary stay. In addition, we all enjoy the feeling of being looked after and getting a high level of customer service, which is not that common with all the hotel stays. This is where finding a serviced accommodation in Peterborough comes as the next smart step. With all the facilities and perks just as a hotel, along with space and added privacy, these accommodations deliver an unmatched experience. 

Let’s go through a quick brief about what these serviced abodes are

As per hotel SEO specialists, by definition, they have typically furnished properties that have all the necessary amenities such as services from a fully furnished living area, free Wi-Fi, cleaning to the kitchen and laundry area. Moreover, all these hotel-like services come at an affordable price. And guess what is more surprising? You can have them for both short and long term; from ten-bedroom homes to local motel rooms, you can have accommodation in any shape and size. 

Well, the hosts are not just hosts; they are full-fledged hospitality. 

Certainly, whenever it comes to choosing a suitable serviced apartment in Peterborough, you will find many options to choose from. It is better to always begin your search online. Or you can even make it much easier. Wondering how? You can choose a trusted provider to source an appropriate apartment for you. Their courtesy and efforts will ultimately reduce the strain and stress you may have while making reservations with a hotel. 

Normally, you can explore options with them like an apartment, holiday cottage, vacation home, bespoke rental, co-living, and many more. 

How opting for a serviced accommodation is way better than hotel room reservations? 

  • First of all, the provider will shortlist some options that will make you feel at home. Every facility offered will be equipped with free Wi-Fi, kitchens, a laundry area, concierge service, and housekeeping. You can even invite your guests and friends over and make the most of fresh and clean space. 
  • Privacy is something that we all crave during a stay. This is another advantage why more people favour booking a serviced accommodation in Peterborough. The heightened security and giving the guests a contactless entry code are the merits, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19. 
  • When you partner with an accommodation provider, you get to see living spaces where you can add your personal touches, as you like in your own space. However, with hotels, you are confined to one particular room type, and you don’t have the privilege of working in open plan areas. In the fullness of time, you get more space at a reasonable cost, which has been a major concern for guests during this pandemic of COVID-19. 
  • Last but not least, you get the flexibility of staying as long as you wish. Be it three weeks, six months, or even beyond. 

Ultimately, as the popularity of serviced apartments has increased, so have the guests’ expectations. This is where rental providers can ensure that you have a comfortable and unique stay throughout, just like your own home. 

So how do you manage to find accommodation when you travel? Let us know your favourite ways to find one in the comments below; we’d love to hear from you. 

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