4 Glamorous Holiday Destinations to Choose From


Going on holiday is one of those things that you look forward to your entire year. A week or two of relaxation mixed with a little adventure in a beautiful destination far from home can do so much to improve your mood and relieve stress. If you are in the planning process for your next holiday, you might be wondering where it is you should go.

When you are looking for the perfect holiday destination, you can’t go wrong with a location that has a bit of glamour. Consider these four destinations that will help you plan a holiday that is full of luxury and relaxation.

1. Marbella, Spain

One location that is becoming wildly popular with holidaymakers looking for a few weeks of elegant relaxation is Marbella, Spain. Marbella is a quaint town situated along the coast. With multiple lovely beaches to lounge on and a welcoming atmosphere, a holiday in Marbella is just the time away that you deserve.

You will be captivated by the stunning scenery that surrounds you as you explore this beautiful town. Make sure to pay a visit to at least one of several Michelin Star restaurants in the area. You will love this destination so much that you might just be tempted to tour one of the luxury villas in Marbella that are for sale.

2. Capri, Italy

If you love the culture and landscapes that Italy has to offer but aren’t interested in walking through streets crammed with tourists, Capri is the glamorous holiday destination for you. This Italian island, which is only accessible via ferry, is the holiday spot of choice for a number of celebrities, and for good reason. The views along the Mediterranean are not to be missed and the laid-back atmosphere of Capri will have you relaxed in no time.

3. Mykonos, Greece

Another island that should be taken into consideration for your next holiday destination is the island of Mykonos in Greece. This is the perfect place for anyone looking to enjoy the Greek culture without all the crowds of Athens. The entire Greek aesthetic is on display with white and blue buildings completing the picturesque views of the Aegean Sea. Among the multiple other reasons to visit Mykonos are the amazing food and fantastic nightlife. Your biggest problem will be trying to pick which picture-perfect view to pose in front of.

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Not only is the climate of southern Croatia in the warmer months of the year absolutely perfect for a holiday, but the city of Dubrovnik has so much to offer in terms of culture, history, and atmosphere. This city has stood the test of time and has been excellently preserved to be enjoyed by tourists today. Even the makers of the hit television program Game of Thrones were taken in with the scenery of this city and featured it in multiple key episodes throughout the series’ successful eight-season run as the setting for King’s Landing.

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