14 Things That Get Better With Age


If you’re lucky, you will age like a fine wine. You’ll get better with age. Sure, you won’t be as physically fit, and you won’t have the exuberance of youth. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your twilight years. So to give you something to look forward to, here are 14 things that get better with age. 

Happiness and well-being

If you are happy, then time doesn’t matter. Take the average 81-year-old, for example. If they were miserable their whole life, that is an exception to the rule that people usually get happier as they get older. Most 80-somethings will tell you that getting older has made them more relaxed. They don’t have to worry about the mortgage. They don’t have to work in a high-pressure environment. And apparently, their definition of success has changed over time too.

Now they just want to spend time with people who love them. That’s it. Pretty much every 80-something will tell you that life is better now than when they were young. So if you’re ever feeling down, just think about what the future has in store for you. Things should get better as you get older.


You might think that your memory is going to worsen as you age. But that isn’t going to be the case for everyone. Some people actually retain their memory over the years and even enhance it. You might not recall things as quickly, but you will remember more of what you learned in the past decades.


You’re going to be less impulsive as you get older. And that is a good thing! You will only make decisions after carefully weighing the pros and cons. Of course, that might mean that your life won’t change much from decade to decade but who cares? It just means you are more likely to live a happy, stable life.

Sense of humor

Your sense of humor is going to get better with age. You will be more self-aware and won’t take things personally. You are also less likely to find the need for juvenile behavior like Twitter fights or trolling people in public forums. Also, your taste in what’s funny will grow with you. Your sense of humor will be richer and more nuanced than before.


The older you get, the more creative you become. You pick up new hobbies and passions as time passes by. Your brain is stimulated by a never-ending set of experiences and observations. And even if your memory isn’t as good, you will still have a larger pool to draw from.

Empathy and compassion

You will be more empathetic as you get older. You will learn to show empathy for everyone around you. You won’t care so much about other people’s flaws or shortcomings because you understand that we all have them. Instead, you look deeper into the human soul and respect the whole person instead of just the parts that you like.

Appreciating life’s small pleasures

Your sense of smell will get better with age. You will appreciate the little things in life so much more than when you were younger. Things like freshly brewed coffee, a good book, or a serene hike through nature’s gardens will be more satisfying as the years pass by. You will have the wisdom to understand that life’s pleasures are fleeting and should be appreciated when you can.


If you’re lucky, your storytelling skills will improve. Instead of boring people with stories about the old days, you will actually be able to engage them in riveting tales! Everyone loves a good storyteller, and if you can pull that off, then everyone will love your company. You might have more trouble remembering things nowadays, but your stories will be so rich and interesting that people won’t care.


Your self-confidence will grow with time. You’ll be more comfortable in your own skin as years pass by. If you have any deep-rooted issues, they are likely to resolve themselves over time, and the older you get, the more serene you feel about yourself. Things that bothered you when you were younger just roll


As you get older, you will be able to afford the level of comfort you truly want. You’re not going to wear clothes for fashion; you will own a chair that you love to sit in – your comfort levels are going to be through the roof. You might even be lucky enough to live in assisted living Haddonfield NJ, which means you’ll be in the height of luxury.


The older you get, the more likely it is that you will know simple things. You’ll be aware of how your actions affect everyone and understand when you should speak up – or rather keep quiet. You won’t try to reinvent the wheel and accept that people are already doing what you want to do better than you ever could.

Positive mindset

You will start to focus on the positive, and so will everyone around you. Your friends won’t be negative and drag you down; they are going to be people who encourage you and inspire you to become a better person every day. And on your end, you’ll try not to bring them down with your insecurities or issues. Instead, you’ll be the friend that helps others overcome their struggles and find peace of mind.

Inner strength

The older you get, the less likely you are to complain about trivial things. You will start setting your priorities straight and know what’s important in life. Your inner voice won’t judge you for every little thing you do, and instead, you’ll feel more confident about yourself. You will have learned what is truly important to be happy, and you won’t let anything get in the way of that – even if it means letting go of certain people who aren’t good for your mental health or character.


Your finances will get better with age. The more time passes by, the more stable your income stream will be and the less likely you’ll succumb to costly mistakes. You can focus on saving for retirement or for a future home because you know that you have enough money to sustain yourself – and that is a lot of freedom.

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