5 Recruiting Tips We Know But Barely Follow


Ask a recruiter, what his job role is and he would say lining candidates and closing job position within the set budget. It is true to a certain extent, but not fully. In real sense, recruiters are like one of the most important representatives of the company. The Ideal Teams meticulous recruiting process involves interviews and skills assessments to ensure the best candidates. They have an important role in forming the work environment and culture in general. You may think as to how that is possible? Well, employees (your hires) are one of the crucial contributors to work culture and environment of every organization. In such scenarios, even cloud recruitment software won’t help.

So, take a look at the tips that all the recruiters know but overlook most of the times. Take a look.

Collaborative hiring

Recruiters are always in a hurry to call as many candidates as they can and close the position soon. They fail to realize the importance of understanding the requirement of even their immediate reporting managers. Ideally, the recruiters should be talking to all the key stakeholders who will be involved. Talking to them makes it easy for the recruiter to line those candidates that would be more liked by the stakeholders. Remember, cloud recruitment software can only show you the candidates on the basis of skill sets you need, so talk to every stakeholder to jot down the required skillsets.

Using software and tools optimally

There are many HR tools and software that can make the life of a recruiter easier than ever. However, they are often either not used at all or they are underutilised. It is high time for the recruiters to automate as many functions as possible so that there is more time in their hands to invest in actually interviewing various suitable candidates. Even an efficient cloud recruitment software is often just used for managing the candidate database and not to keep the status of job applications and feedback of the interviews taken. This slows down the process and often makes it a guessing game for the recruiters to ascertain how the interview of a particular candidate went.

Prioritize quality over quantity

Quality is mostly compromised because of the quantity by the recruiters and this is why they end up increasing the time to hire (TTH). If you see the bigger picture, you will realize how it impacts the work environment as well. If you due to urgency end up hiring a not so perfect fit for your organisation, problems are sure to arise.

Be prepared for the interview:

Prior to every interview, you should prepare yourself to take the interview well. This includes looking at the resume and customising questions for every candidate so that you can analyse the candidates properly.

Promote inclusivity

Inclusivity should just be in your conversations but in your organisation as well. Make sure your organisation has a fine gender ratio, and people of various ethnicity coming together.

So, make sure the next time you have an open position you follow the aforementioned tips.

Alen Parker
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