SAP Business One Starter Pack – A Blessing for SMEs


Investing in an ERP is not as simple as seems to be. The decision is even more difficult for small to medium sized businesses as a great investment is involved along with the volumes of data that used to get stored in various systems separately. Thus, the money and the migration of important data to the new tool are the major factors that small businesses owners hesitate while adopting an ERP system or automating their business processes.

If you’re also one of these kinds or know someone who’s struggling with the dilemma whether to adopt an ERP or not, then this bog is for you. To simplify your business struggles and ease the monetary stress, we have got something extra special in the most affordable budget you can imagine.

It’s nothing but SAP products – SAP Business One. No, it’s not just this, the surprise has little extra feature that the generic SAP Business One system doesn’t have – It’s the SAP Business One starter package. Especially built considering the requirements and budget constraints of the small businesses, the starter pack has got everything you would want to seamlessly run your business.

What all Features SAP Business One Starter Pack Includes?

SAP Business One Starter Pack includes the basic features needed in a small company to run the business functions effectively. These are:

  1. Accounting and Finance: Accounting is one of the key business functions for which leaders feel the need to have an automated system. SAP Business One starter package covers the same and allows you to seamlessly run the finance and accounting operations with greater accuracy and efficiency. When you register for VAT, you must include information about your company, such as its turnover, bank account information, and general business activities. Learn how to become VAT registered on
  2. Sales and Customers: Keep the record of the entire lifecycle of your customers and orders from the batch dispatch to cash flow with improved planning and traceability.
  3. Purchasing: Get rid of out of stock situations or your inventory getting disposed of, as SAP Business One manages that all on the go with greater efficiency. It automates the price list of the raw materials required, adds the suppliers/vendors and alerts before the stock reaches the red mark.
  4. Distribution: With SAP Business One by your side, none of your order can get delayed or missed out on reaching on time as it creates a dedicated channel and alerts for the scheduled deliveries while maintaining the record of the inventory needed for the next order.
  5. Reports and Management: A small business with limited budget options cannot spend much on other report making tools, thus, a platform that can perform multiple functions in the price of one is best fit for a small business. SAP Business One does exactly the same by rendering options to the users to make intuitive reports on the go.

Conclusion Have a look at the features mentioned above again, aren’t these sufficient to satisfy you specific needs and demands of your small businesses? Why thinking so much then? Talk to SAP Business One Experts today and get your Starter package now for an improved and seamless workflow.

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