Video Production Tools That Can Make All the Difference

Video Production Tools

The content is important when you are in film or video production, but there’s much more to it. If you want your video to look good, then you also have to focus on the production quality so that you do not lose your viewers.

So if you are a video production company and want to raise the bar and enhance your production game, then you should know about the tools or equipment to use. Below is a checklist of all the video or film production equipment that you should use to make a professional-quality video, and if you need instructions for JVC cameras you can find JVC instruction, support online.

Do remember that there is no “one size fits all” tool-kit or equipment package which could suit everyone’s needs because there are so many factors like budget, what is the type of your project, are you experienced or an amateur, etc. If you have old home videos you would like to use in your video production project, you may want to visit this recommended site to convert them into digital videos.

Equipment for Video Production Services

1. Video Camera – Panasonic GH5

A video camera is the most important tool in filmmaking gear. Which camera you opt for depends on the type of shooting you would be doing like static, run-and-gun, stealth, etc., what’s the budget and where you would showcase your video/film (only web, theatre, broadcast, etc.). Whichever camera you go for, just ensure that you capture very good audio. 

2. Tripod

This equipment or tool helps in keeping your footage look very professional and steady. You must buy a tripod which a fluid head to get even-looking pans.   

3. Camera Light

Another important element is balanced light from the camera, which can enable filling unpleasant shadows. A good quality camera light is a great accessory to invest in particularly when you are making a documentary video or shooting a news piece where you may not have enough time to do a full 3-point lighting arrangement.

4. Three-Point Lighting Kit

A good-quality three-point lighting kit is only required if your plan is to do a lot of shooting inside a space. Therefore, for getting a well-lit scene, you need a three way lighting system. 

5. Shotgun Microphone

Great audio is an essential feature to give a professional look to your video or movie. Investing in a shotgun mic helps you to deal with any situation. It’s excellent for attaching on top of your camera or you could also use it on a boom pole.

6. Boom Pole

Setting up a boom mic helps in capturing clear audio during a crowd scene, group interview, or any scenario where you are required to record professional audio instantly. You would also need a shotgun mic and a shock mount along with it.

7. Shock Mount

This tool is required to transform your shotgun mic in a boom pole mic. A shock mount helps in keeping the mic in a steady position on top of the pole and stops the mic from recording any bumping noises while the pole is carried around. 

8. Audio (XLR) Cables

For using a professional audio system with your video camera, you would require XLR cables to attach the camera to the mic.  

9. Wireless Microphone

You could use a wired mic, but for shooting a documentary film, wireless microphones are imperative. 

10. Portable Digital Audio Recorder

In case you are a video production company and are shooting with a DSLR like Canon 5D Mark IV, then you should buy an external mic or use a portable audio recorder like Zoom H5.

Other than the equipment mentioned above, you should also have:

  1. Good-quality headphones
  2. Light reflector
  3. Some lenses like clear “protective” lens, wide-angle, polarizer, macros, zoom lens, etc.
  4. Few additional batteries
  5. Video tapes and flash memory cards/DVD’s
  6. Portable external hard drive
  7. DSLR shoulder mount rig

So what have you packed in your camera bag? Have you bought your equipment for video production services? Remember to use this checklist to gather all you would require for a corporate video production company UK.

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