Using automated systems for E-Way bill generation


Gone are the days when transporters had to visit the tax office several times seeking delivery notes and gone are the days when trucks got detained at check-posts for multiple hours. With the introduction of the e-Way bill system the entire landscape of the transport & logistics industry of India changed forever. Today businesses are needed to upload details of each transaction to the common e-Way bill portal and generate e-Way bills even before the movement of goods commences. This saves the supplier, transporter and the receiver a substantial amount of time and hassle, while the authorities are able to verify and track shipments with ease. Thus the e-Way bill system is beneficial for all the stakeholders.

How to automate e-Way bill generation?

  • If you are using an ERP like SAP then you can easily integrate it with E-Way bill APIs and completely automate the process of e-Way bill generation. For this you must meet the government pre-requisites such as a static IP address, SSL or TSL based domain name for interface etc.
  • Even if you are not using an ERP then also you have the option of stand-alone software solutions with amazing features. Such software solutions have an easy to use interface which will easily enable you to automate the entire process of e-Way bill generation and provide extra benefits too.

What are the benefits of using automated systems?

The government provided portal is generic and not tailor made to suite each organization’s own demands. However, by using an automated system like pos systems, you can easily suit your own purpose. There are several other benefits of using an automated software system:

  • With an automated software system there is no scope of duplicate or double entry of invoice. After generation of invoices, such a system will automatically initiate the process of e-Way bill generation!
  • Manual entry of details in the e-Way bill portal can be error prone and problematic. Moreover, there is no scope of editing an e-Way bill if a mistake is committed inadvertently. But if you automate e way bill generation then there is no scope of such errors. Intelligent software systems will also provide multiple data validations and learn from past errors thus giving you a hassle free experience.
  • In the manual process you cannot link the e-Way bill with the invoice number in your system but with the help of an automated system you can do that. Thus, filing GST returns becomes very easy!

Avoid unnecessary hassles!

The government of India has plans to integrate the e-Way bill system with RFID devices so that movement of trucks is farther smoothened and the authorities are able to better track movement of goods. The GSTN has also developed a system to fetch e-Way bill data into monthly sales returns to prevent the system from fraudsters. Hence, organizations using automated e-Way bill software systems will not only be able to reap all the benefits of the e-Way bill system but also avoid unnecessary hassles.

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