Things to Check Before a Long Car Journey


Embarking on a long car journey is vastly different to just nipping to the shops or commuting to work. Drivers need to be better prepared for long car journeys, as they are exhausting and demanding not only for yourself, but also your vehicle, so you want to ensure that it can handle the trip and is in good condition. 

There are plenty of things that you can check to help make you feel more confident on a long journey, however, here are the few essentials you definitely need to do to make sure that your long journey is a seamless as it can be. 

Your Tires 

Before setting off, it’s vital that you take the time to check up on your tires to see if they’re okay. This is because a damaged or worn tire is more likely to burst on the road, and will also create an uneven and uncomfortable ride, which can be annoying to control over a long distance. Ensure that there are no punctures or pricks in the tire, and also measure the tread of the tire to make sure that it has the right depth, because anything under the minimal depth is illegal and could get you in trouble. 

It’s also important to check your tire pressure to ensure that it’s at the correct psi for your vehicle. To find out what your psi is, check your car handbook, which should always be kept in your car. Making sure you have a suitable tire pressure is important as not only will it make the drive more comfortable and make the car feel a lot smoother, it will also make your drive more economical, allowing you to drive further with each full tank. 

Your Lights 

Before embarking on a long journey, be sure to give your lights a once over, just to make sure that everything is operational. This means that you need to check the exterior lights such as your break lights, indicators, and headlights, as well as the internal lights on your dashcam that alerts you to a fault. 

It’s vital to ensure that your lights are working, as this helps you stay safer on the road as it allows other road users to see you more clearly. You can make yourself even more prepared for long journeys and potential emergencies by stocking light bars in your car, as these can be used to alert other drivers of your presence in low visibility. Don’t forget to check if your air conditioning hoses are in good condition, consider replacing them immediately if there are signs of leaks.

Windscreen Wipers and Screen Wash 

You want to make sure that your windscreen wipers are fully operational, even if you’re setting off in bright sunlight, because weather can change a lot during a long drive so you want to make sure you’re prepared for rain.  You may also need a car window replacement or windshield repair if you notice some chips or cracks on your windshield.

It’s also a good idea to wipe your windscreen clean before setting off, as a dirty windshield can block your field of view, making for a frustrating drive, but also a potentially dangerous one. You also want to ensure that you have enough screenwash so that you can better clean your car during the journey, and while you’re checking, it’s not a bad idea to make sure you have enough oil too.

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