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In times like these when a good and a high-speed internet connection have become a necessity, we all want to have an internet connection that offers consistent high-speed internet. You can get Windstream internet connection that provides kinetic internet which is a fiber optic technology at reasonable rates. The best part is that you will be getting the latest fiber optics, but if you want something that doesn’t fail from time to time, then look into getting unlimited internet packages.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that the Small Business Fiber Internet speed options will vary from address to address along with the promotional packages. You need to provide your complete address along with the zip code to find out the exact details. You can give your complete address on the website “’’ to find out the exact details but we are going to give you details about the internet packages that are offered by the Windstream kinetic internet. 

Kinetic InternetInternet SpeedPrice of the Package (estimated price)Data Cap
1200 Mbps$42Unlimited
2400 Mbps$47Unlimited
3500 Mbps$48Unlimited
41000 Mbps$67Unlimited

Note** The price of the package is subjected to change as it depends on your locality and the prices mentioned above are the estimated prices they are not the exact figures.

Options with Windstream internet:

There are different options with Windstream Internet. According to a survey in 92% of the areas around the United States people have access to DSL internet connection that requires an active phone jack, around 82% of areas have access to broadband coaxial wire cable internet and only 20% of the area has the access to fiber-optic technology. You might be eligible to get kinetic internet by Windstream and if you are, you are a lucky one. The good part is that Windstream offers DSL and Copper wire internet as well. You can choose any internet technology of your choice.

There are other factors that you have to keep into consideration when you choose an internet connection. We are pointing out some key factors of a good internet provider that is being offered by Windstream and all other top-ranked internet service providers.

The Internet Data in the package:

One of the important things that an internet user is concerned about is the data limit. Usually, there is a set limit of the internet connection, and you are restricted in that limit so you use your internet within that limit. It is tedious at times because you fail to keep a check if you have crossed the limit or not. Windstream provides your internet service without any data caps which means you can use the internet without limits. You can browse as much as you want and you can download as much as you like. You can set yourself free from paying the extra amount of money that you have to pay with the other internet provider if you have exceeded the internet data limit. You will not pay anything on top of the price of the internet package that you have chosen.

The Contract that you sign:

We are always concerned about the contractual terms and conditions that we sign up for when we are choosing an internet connection. Most of the internet service providers around the United States require a contract that binds you to keep their service for a certain amount of time that is usually around 2 years. If you plan to cancel the services due to any reason you are subjected to pay an amount as an early termination fee. You do get the option to pay a security deposit if you choose to go for it. With the Windstream internet, you are not going to pay any early termination fee because they do not require any contracts and it is not a compulsion. This gives a user a sense of freedom and trust.

Advantages of kinetic internet:

If you like a high internet speed or you want to stream your videos in 4k or HD, then that is quite possible with the kinetic internet. You can download a movie within a minute almost and that is the key feature and biggest advantage of choosing a fiber optic internet connection. You can download as much as you want, play online games, and stream as many videos or Netflix as you want. You get elevated internet speed with kinetic internet because of fiber optic technology.

Summing It Up,

There are very few internet service providers that give you an option to choose fiber optic internet as it is an expensive technology. It can be even rarer to find reliable Business Fiber Optic Internet Access because of the bandwidth required. Your business will benefit greatly from it, so be sure to look carefully for a strong and reliable service.

The good part is that Windstream has invested millions of dollars on kinetic internet and they are expanding their reach, apart from the latest technology they do have other internet options like DSL or Coaxial cable internet. Lastly one of the best features is the affordability of Windstream internet packages.

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