4 Tips to Teach Your Toddler to Hold Pencil Correctly


Do you need to teach your toddler the ideal approach to hold a pencil? Do you stress about your little child may be holding the pencil wrong? If you can connect with the above situations, at that point, this article may be of help.

Encouraging toddler to hold a pencil is not that easy. The simple task can end up being a troublesome one if you force your little kid to hold a pencil in a specific way. It may be even harder to teach toddlers to hold pencils the right way once they build up a grip of their preference. Hence, you must educate your little children this significant skill at the right time and in an ideal manner.

ASPAM Preschool, the Best Play School in Noida, suggests four easy tips to teach the toddler to hold pencil effectively and ace the art of scribbling? Read on!

Here are some easy lessons to help you teach your toddler how to grip a pencil right:

1. The three-finger rule:

The grip needs the utilization of two fingers as well as a thumb. The tripod grip is another name for this way and is the perfect way to hold a pencil. Users grip the pencil with the help of the thumb, middle and index fingers. Teach little children to grip the pencil by applying equivalent pressure from all fingers.

2. Start writing with small and long pencil:

Start the writing lessons by utilizing a small pencil. It is simpler for toddlers to figure out how to write with short pencils. The short pencil length permits better handle as toddlers need to pinch their fingers together to hold the pencil decisively. It is a smart thought to introduce long pencils later. Few toddlers may face issues with a long pencil at first, however, this is no reason for stress. When they ace the grip, it is simpler for them to work with writing tools of every sizes and shape.

3. Pressure and no pressure:

Most toddlers think that it’s hard to apply the right pressure while utilizing the pencil. If the pencil lines are not obvious or are light, they are not implementing enough pressure. Yet, trying too hard can lead to pencil lead breakages or paper tears. Teach them about applying the right pressure while utilizing the pencil once they ace the grip. Teaching a lot of things simultaneously may end up being mistaken for your little kid as well as a disappointing exercise for you. The lesson may even end in tears or outbursts.

4. Make it fun:

Learning starts at home. Hence, parents can do a ton to make learning fun for their toddlers. It is ideal to not make pencil-gripping or writing exercises dull by forcing your little child to become familiar with the technique overnight. At Best Preschool in Noida, we suggest that start lessons when your little child is in a great mood. Let him find out writing tools before you start the lesson.

A few toddlers utilize the tripod grip to hold a crayon or pencil and scribble easily. However, most toddlers hold the pencil in their hand as well as scribble away. Contrast the tripod grip with a bird’s beak and exhibit to your baby how it can hold the pencil. Such comparisons can be a good time for little children and can help hold their attention longer than expected.

Now, you get to know how to teach a toddler to hold a pencil well. Why wait? Feel free to bond with him over some writing fun!

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