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For a wholesale seller, it is necessary to maintain your stock and designs properly. It is difficult to organize and maintain every design and piece carefully and properly. Necklaces can be dull, matching earrings can be lost, the shine of the ring can go. To manage and organize this jewelry is important for sellers. If you need to add some extra storage space for your inventory, you might want to check this Storage Container Hire service.

If you are looking for a perfect guide to store and organize your wholesale jewelry collection, you are in the right place. Here are some tips for organizing and storing tips for a wholesale jewelry store.  

1. Make Sections: 

The first and most important rule for arranging your jewelry is to make sections for a different type of jewelry. For example, Wholesale Gold Plated Jewelry, 925 Sterling silver jewelry, and rose gold jewelry.

These different sections make your work easy. This tip will prove as a smart move for arranging thousands of pieces. It is a way to keep your jewelry in an organized manner. 

2. Check Your Stock: 

There is a thing you need to do is to check your all stock. Classified your collection into different designs, sections, and metals. It is a way for finding your collection and storage space. It can help to measure how much space you need for all your pieces. 

There are thousands of pieces in a wholesale jewelry store. So it is important to be aware of storage capacity. So it is a perfect way to organize your jewelry collection. Depending on how much space you are going to need you may want to look into industrial shelving for a more organized storage.

3. Keep Earrings in a Plastic Bag:

Plastic bags are a perfect storage option for earrings, whether it is gold-plated earrings or gold-plated earrings. Every design needs a proper storage bag. There are different earring designs like stud earrings, hoop earrings, basket earrings, and flower earrings. 

Another option to store earrings is to put them in a jewelry box. You can also hang earrings on a hanging stand. But among all of this, a plastic bag is a great option for maintaining shine. 

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4. Make a Place for Display: 

The display is the most important place to showcase your designs and collection. So it is an important thing to make a display place. The display is a noticeable place that should be eye-catchy and impressive. 

To keep your all elegant designs on your display place. Put all the sample pieces for showcasing. Give extra gorgeous necklaces, earrings, pendants for show. 

5. Necklaces and Bracelets: 

You can easily make different containers for different types of jewelry. These pieces should be store in the container. A container is a place where it can be stored safely. You can use a customized container for your collection. 

Categorize necklace and bracelet according to their design, metals, and patterns. It is a simple way for a wholesale jewelry store to organize necklaces and bracelets. 

6. How to Store Bangles:

Bangles cannot be tangled easily like necklaces. So it is easy to store different types of bangles. In a wholesale store, there must be large quantities of bangles. As you work smartly, it can be easy to organize these things. 

You can use a customized container for arranging bangles. There is the best solution to store bangles by hanging them in a specialized box. 

7. Store Rings in Ring holder: 

In a wholesale store, it is normal to found a thousand designs, varieties, styles. As you cannot manage properly, you will find difficulties in organizing. Rings are a very small thing that will be hard to manage all pieces perfectly. 

It is the perfect idea to store rings in a ring holder. There is a ring holder available which contains multiple pieces. It can be easy because that can be protected from damage. 

8. Tag Each Container:

In the end, Do not forget to tag every container. Give names to all the sections and types. You have organized all the jewelry, but you don’t give them names. So that is west of smart work. Without a label and tag, you will not be able to find them easily. 

So it is necessary to give them names and tags properly. It is a time-saving way. It is a perfect tip for a wholesale jewelry store. 


For a wholesale jewelry store, there must be large and expanded work. To make short and sweet everything, you need to follow these tips. Some tips make your work easy and time-saving.

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