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Hello Everyone!!! Here, I am going to share this article all about to mobile 7 & tablet users. Every new launching mobiles contain very good and efficient battery backup. Use of internet and High-Quality graphic games makes your battery consumptions fast. So, What if your mobile battery is law in an urgent situation? One best solution is to carry a small device called as “Powerbank” with you. This article gives some extra information related to Popular Powerbanks available online. So read this article till the end.

The power bank is a portable charging feeder for Mobile, Tablet, and Digital Camera. You just have charge your power banks once and can enjoy it to charge your mobile devices as per battery capacity of power bank. If you are planning to buy power bank and have no idea about the best-selling power banks in the market then you can take a review from here.

Power banks became essential tools when you are planning for tour or trip with friends or family. It becomes very helpful when you have a long journey by train or bus. There are many websites where you can buy the best power bank with lots of features. I have listed some of the best power banks which you can refer to best buy.

Popular Power Banks You Should Try

Many reputed companies have launched their power banks. I have listed some of the best to buy. You can buy some popular power banks in a different capacity like 20000mAH, 10000mAH, 13500mAH, etc. I suggest you go for Lithium-ion Battery. You will find Sony, Samsung, Intex, Syska, Ambrane and many others power banks.

Mi 10000mAH Lithium-ion Powerbank

Mi is one of the best-known brands for a mobile device. Mi also provides some gadgets like Mi TV, Powerbank, Bluttooth Headset, and many other things. One of them Mi power bank is best for you if you are looking for the best power bank for your mobile.  Mi 10000mAH can feed charging to your mobile more than 2 times. This Powerbanks is also compatible with Tablets and Digital Camera.

Very attractive and Handy look of power banks has grabbed very good reviews form the users. There are LED indicators are available which gives an idea about charging capacity of power banks. The weight of only 240 grams gives lightweight experience for comfortable adjustment anywhere. Low Poer Charging mode also gives amazing user Experience.

lapguard LG514 10400 mAH Powerbank

Lapguard is also another Lithium-ion polymer power bank with affordable price. If you have a low budget and want to buy the best power bank then this is the best suitable for you. You can charge Android mobile, Apple Mobile, tablet, and Bluetooth Headset through Lapguard.

One amazing thing is, this is best made in India power bank which provides the 12-month warranty. It takes up to 10 hours to fully charge. Dimension and weight of the power bank are 6.3×2.2×3.8 cm and 222 grams respectively. Given 4 LED indicator gives battery status and percentage. So, I suggest you use this power bank if you want to buy lightweight and Indian made efficient power bank.

Lenovo PB500 10000mAH Powerbank (Lithium Polymer)

Lenovo PB500 is also one of the best power banks which you can buy online at an affordable price. It one power bank which is compatible with various devices like Mobile, and Tablet. If you are a solo user then 10000mAH power bank is best suitable for you. Unique Design and High efficiency will amaze you.

Lenovo PB500 gives the best output with two Output ports. So, you can charge two devices at a time. One amazing thing about this power bank has multiple security design that prevents overcharging, over discharging and short circuits. It provides fast charging capabilities for Android and iOS device. So, I especially recommend you to use this Lenovo PB500 power bank if you want to buy from online.

Acid Eye AE-20 20000mAH Powerbank

If you are planning to buy a higher capacity power bank of 20000mAH then Acid Eye power bank is best suitable for you. This is also another made in Indian powerbank. One different and amazing thing about this power bank is, it provides triple USB ports. So you can charge three power bank at a time with this USB output ports.

The weight of this power bank is 481g and dimension is 18.6×11.6×3.2 cm. You can use this powerbank with different devices like Mobile, Tablet, and Laptops. One output is 2.1A and others are 1A. Now there are no issues during traveling by Bus or Train. You can charge your mobile device more than 5 times with Acid 20000mAH Eye power bank. This Device has a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

Kodak PB P03-K/10000mAH Powerbank

Kodak PB 10000mAH Powerbank is also one of the best-looking powerbank. Red and Black color combinations of power bank make it very attractive. Some amazing features like Multiple Intelligent Safety Protector, Overcharge protector, Over Discharge protector etc.

Kodak PB P03-k Supports with all USB compatible devices like Mobile, Tablet, Bluetooth Headset, and Digital Camera. Project Weight is only 286gram and made up of plastic material. When you will disconnect power cable to the mobile device, it automatically shuts down within 30 seconds. So, enjoy your journey to every bit when you will be relaxed without any worry of power draining with 10000mAH Kodak Power bank.


So, This is all about to best power banks available online. If you are looking for the best powerbanks for your mobile and have no idea about it then you can get an overview from here. Among above-listed power banks, most of are available at affordable price. If you want to get more information about it then visit Oxfordtricks.

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