Vladimir Sloutsker Calls To Join Forces To Overcome Anti-Semitism

Vladimir Sloutsker

To begin a fight against anti-Semitism, we need to clearly understand what this concept means. This phenomenon can be described as a virus, a disease that is aggressively spread throughout countries around the world. Despite all attempts to get rid of it, we do not have positive results the moment. Therefore the world needs to find an antidote as soon as possible and to save our society from social enmity and hatred.

Vladimir Sloutsker – popular politician, businessmen, and social activist and at the same time a president of the Israeli-Jewish Congress shares his views on the current situation of the problem. He actively supports the position to fight anti-Semitism and eliminate any manifestations of hatred in society. Even though the European Union promotes tolerance and acceptance, the number of hatred acts towards the Jewish people continues growing. In Britain alone, there were 750 hostile attacks on Jews over the past six months. This record is the highest since the first records.

The world governments realize that the problem will not go anywhere unless they find a solution together. World experts are focused on finding methods to minimize the attacks, but this cannot do much now. Mr. Sloutskeremphases that we need to develop ways to eradicate such attacks. We must use all the resources of the new generation, including the Internet, media streams, social networks, and educational system.

Vladimir Sloutsker admits that the active opposition to anti-Semitism will be possible only if all countries combine their forces. After all, now the major part of the aggression is towards Jews, but the hatred inevitably will shift to other social minorities or religious groups in the near future. That is why we need to take actions and to create effective methods of fighting as soon as possible.

It goes without saying that education plays one of the critical roles in solving the current problem. People are not born with hatred, but they get it from the behavior of older generations. That is why it is essential to introduce conversations with students on the topics of hatred and acceptance into the educational program. We need to inform the younger generation about the Holocaust and other terrible times of the world, for history never to repeat itself. But at the same time, we should demonstrate the contribution of the Jewish people, which they made into world culture, science and history in general. The environment where young people will understand how horrendous the consequences of hatred and aggression towards social minorities are will help them know what that can lead to. We must change the way that humankind thinks and eliminate the forced stereotypes as they do not allow people to self-evaluate the situation that we currently face.

Our situation already shows the fact that the people’s hatred extends not only to the Jews but also to other social and religious minorities. That is why it is vital to start cooperating, discussing and finding solutions so that each group or organization can contribute their ideas or just assist in solving the problem in the EU. Mr. Sloutsker urges the whole world should fight anti-Semitism. Not only the government but ordinary people can make a difference, for example, by teaching tolerance to their children.

The president of the Israeli-JewishCongress also noted that the first step to be taken is to establish a clear definition of anti-Semitism. It is hard to believe, but most of the modern countries do not have a unified explanation of this phenomenon. And without a proper understanding of the problem and determining punishment, it is impossible to start an effective fight against it. Also, the politician stresses that we need to attract the maximum amount of support from countries around the world. It is worth noting that Great Britain has already adopted the definition of anti-Semitism. They treat anti-Semitism, not only as an attack on the Jews but also as the de-legitimization of Israel, as well as a manifestation of hatred towards Zionism.

Another field of fight that is worth considering is media streams that are actively used by modern society. They are primary sources of new information and, unfortunately, a place for spreading and growing aggression and hate. But Mr.Sloutskerstates that these platforms can be used differently. They can help to attract the audience and promote the fight against anti-Semitism and hatred towards social minorities. Social networks can share personal stories and educational videos.

Only modern ideas and technologies will help to successfully combat anti-Semitism. This way will help to stop the manifestation of hatred towards social groups and eliminate hatred from society.No one deserves to live in fear. We must support and stand with people that are facing difficulties as we never know who will be targeted next.

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