8 Simple Hacks for Changing The Baby’s Diaper


One of the most challenging parts of parenting or babysitting is changing the diapers correctly and at the right time. Many parents feel they can’t get through these challenging times, especially before the child begins toilet training. Some of you may not like the process of cleaning a child’s poop.

But the good news is you can get over this feeling soon if you follow the correct diaper changing techniques. Here are 8 simple hacks that will make you feel more comfortable while changing baby diapers.

  1. Let them Play with their Favorite Toys

Letting your child play with a small toy will keep them engaged while you change their diapers, saving you a lot of time and hassle. You can also buy some diaper-time-only toys, which would be washable and safe for your kid’s sensitive skin.

Keeping the baby distracted while changing diapers is essential to prevent their attention from going all over the room. Als0 if they have something to play with they may not try to escape the monotonous task of diaper changing.

  1. Sing to Them

Singing a melodious song or a nursery rhyme while changing baby diapers will not only keep your kid distracted but also make them feel happy and loved. Try touching them and making eye contact during the process to develop a strong emotional bond with your baby. Being close to your child makes them feel safer and enhances their visual development.

  1. Keep Your Diaper Basket Handy

Your diaper basket should include 2-3 packs of fresh diapers, wet wipes, rash creams, and petroleum jelly to avoid diaper rashes due to contact with the baby’s skin with the damp and dirty diaper. Also, keep the diaper basket in your baby’s room itself to avoid carrying it every time your kid needs a diaper change.

  1. Use Baby Wipes

Always keep natural baby wipes handy to ensure there are no accidents at the time of diaper changing. After removing the dirty diaper, clean your baby’s bum using wet wipes by lifting its legs before sliding in the fresh diaper. Always use the wipes gently to avoid skin inflammations or irritations. Never use cloth or other materials to clean your baby’s sensitive areas.

  1. Keep Your Nails Short

Keeping short nails is not only suitable for hygienic reasons, but it also prevents any physical damages that may be inflicted on your baby’s sensitive skin. Hard and long nails may easily cause scratches and even cuts that will be painful for the baby, especially when handling its pubic region.

Besides, long nails may also make the diaper changing process tedious, as you may have a messy time undoing the diaper tabs. Longer nails are prone to dirt accumulation, which may get transferred to your baby’s sensitive body parts.

  1. Involve Older Siblings

Having older siblings is always an added advantage, especially when one of the parents is out for work. Besides, young kids would always find it exciting to try new things to help their parents, including feeding, playing, bathing, and changing diapers.

If your older kids have already had their potty training, they can easily offer a helping hand while hanging the diapers of their newborn sibling. If nothing else, your older kids can work as assistants by handing over the essentials, like wet wipes, rash creams, fresh baby diapers, and so on.

  1. Check for Rashes

Always use good quality biodegradable diapers that ensure a rash-free and skin-friendly experience for your little champ. If you notice rashes, consult a doctor immediately.

Apply a natural diaper rash cream your pediatrician has suggested. Try using a small spatula to apply the rash cream on your baby’s bum, or you can use your pinky finger to do so if you don’t have a spatula nearby. Remember to clean your hands thoroughly both before and after the application.

  1. Keep an Extra Set of Garments for Yourself

This would especially come in handy when you are on a trip with your baby. Always include an extra set of fresh clothes for yourself in your kid’s diaper bag. In case your baby messes up your clothes during diaper changes, you will always have the option to get changed.

Final Words

It’s a challenging phase for newbie parents, especially when they ensure their baby looks clean and tidy without feeling embarrassed. However, if you follow these hacks, you can change your baby’s diapers more efficiently and comfortably.

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