Best Attractions in Greenland


Greenland is a Danish territory, given Denmark’s home rule in 1979. The Inuit make up the vast bulk of the population. Inuit beliefs and behaviours dominate Greenland’s culture. However, the bulk of the population is made up of descendants of Norse colonists and is affiliated with the Lutheran Church. As a result, it combines traditional Inuit and Scandinavian traditions. Nuuk, the capital city, has a population of 17,000 people. As a result, icebergs and glaciers are the centrepieces of this nation, contributing to its ethereal beauty. You can visit the official site of Frontier Airlines Flights Booking. You can choose flights as per your time preference.

Disko Bay

This bay is historical. Erik the Red, a Norse adventurer, initially established a town in 985 AD. Disko Bay is supposed to have been discovered by the Inuits before 2400 BC. The nutrient-rich waters make it a haven for diverse marine life, including benthic and pelagic species. You may also see gulls, kittiwakes, cormorants, eider ducks, and migratory species, including harp, bearded, ringed, and hooded seals here. The excursions might be as short as three hours or as long as a week. Frontier airlines manage booking allows you to make changes in your existing booking.

The Ilulissat Icefjord

The Ilulissat Icefjord runs for 40 kilometres from the Greenland ice sheet to Disko Bay. The most prolific glacier in the Northern Hemisphere is Jakobshavn Isbr. It is located near the fjord’s eastern end. Over 20 billion tonnes of melting icebergs are passed out of the fjord each year. To take in the breathtaking views that this ever-changing and transitory location has to offer. You may go on a trek, rent a boat, or take a helicopter tour to gain an overhead perspective.

Knud Rasmussen

This museum honours Danish adventurer Knud Rasmussen’s legacy and accomplishments. It is also his birthplace and one of Greenland’s most popular tourist destinations. It was also where Rasmussen went to get away from the rush and bustle of the city and immerse himself in his work and the quiet comfort that the surroundings provided. It was constructed in 1917. The architect was influenced by English cottage architecture. In honour of Rasmussen’s accomplishments, a memorial cairn was built on a hill above the home using stones collected from various locations. So start your journey with frontier airlines book a flight, if you haven’t booked yet.

The Greenland Ice Sheet

As the world’s second-biggest ice sheet, the Greenland Ice Sheet is a behemoth-like sprawl that falls beneath Antarctica. If the entire wide expanse melted, sea levels would increase by a terrifying 7 metres!

This one will undoubtedly give you chills. You may get a bird’s eye view of the sheet in a helicopter or walk on it in Kangerlussuaq if you want to see the ice up close in all its diverse forms and sizes. You should include this on your list because it is one of the most intriguing spots to see in Greenland.


Schmidt Hammer Lassen created the Katuaq. The larger theatre can accommodate over a thousand people and is consequently utilised for film screenings, plays, concerts, and conferences. The smaller auditorium has a capacity of 508 persons. The structure has a backward-leaning screen inspired by the Northern Lights that overlooks Nuuk’s centre square. It is elevated above the ground and constructed of larch wood on both sides. It was built in 1997 by the Nuuk Municipal Centre, the Nordic Council of Ministers, and the Greenland Home Rule Government.

Church Of Our Saviour

This church is a well-known landmark. The majority of the populace congregates here to celebrate National Day and other holidays. This structure’s striking red colour and spire make it simple and charming. A bronze monument of organist Jonathan Petersen stands in front of the cathedral, and a statue of Hans Egede stands on the hill above the church, both of which are notable sights. As a result, the church reflects the Lutheran population, a tiny demographic in the country.

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