Amazing Things To Do In Chuuk This Summer?


Chuuk is one of four states that make up the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), a group of Pacific islands situated between the Philippines and Hawaii and south of the US territories of Guam. It is also one of the nation’s least-visited nations.

The FSM is part of the Caroline Islands archipelago, a strewn collection of islands that have become a UN Trust Territory under US surveillance following WWII. The four states that make up the FSM, Chuuk, Pohnpei, Yap, and Kosrae, drew a constitution in 1979 and declared independence in 1986, even though many of them are still US territories and dominions. If you are looking to move to Chuuk, you must book flights prior to your departure, and United Airlines Reservations can be the right choice for you.

Continue reading to learn about what to do in Chuuk.

Things to do in Chuuk

The Lagoon’s Chuukese islands are largely impenetrable and lack tourism facilities. There seem to be no travel agencies leading you up the hills to a scenic overlook at the location and no tour operator arranging trips to the remaining WWII landing sites. Instead, going past the WWII wrecks on Chuuk is a do-it-yourself independent adventure.

Chuuk wreck diving

The huge number of tourists to Chuuk are experienced and passionate wreck divers looking for missing WWII artifacts, weapons, motors, ammo, and any other form of cargo.

Surprisingly, considering the Lagoon’s relatively clean and clear waters, no major marine species can be found here.

The wrecks have been surrounded by corals and tiny colourful fish, forming stunning reefs, but that’s not the marine life that makes diving here so interesting. But for having tickets, you must visit United Airlines Official Site.

Chuuk Lagoon most interesting wrecks

Chuuk Lagoon is one of four wreck diving “Meccas” in the country, according to the PADI Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving. Its numerous wrecks have been lauded as some of the nation’s most significant and fascinating by renowned publications. Sport Diver’s 50 Best Wreck Dives has at least three of them.

The biggest wreck is the Heian Maru, a Submarine Tender and former Luxury Liner-cargo ship measuring 155 metres. The base of the Heian Maru is 36 meters deep, with the highest sections of the superstructure beginning at just 12 metres. Due to its high depth and intact name spelled on the bow, this is one of the most common dives. The price of united airlines tickets is very reasonable, so that you can look for it. 

Snorkelling in Chuuk Lagoon

While the number of tourists to Chuuk are diving enthusiasts, with the overwhelming majority being skilled and even professional experts, snorkelers will also detect WWII wrecks. Wrecks such as the GoseiMaru can be found at a depth of just 2,5 meters, with the propellers pointed up for a unique photo opportunity.

Another great snorkeling spot is a small cargo ship, which is also the unofficial emblem of Chuuk Lagoon thanks to its bow gun. The Emily, Zero 2, and Betty aircraft wrecks are a nice mix for both divers and snorkelers, as the Zero is just 6 metres deep. Snorkeling tours to the tourist spots are available at Blue Lagoon Resort. United Airlines Flight Booking can offer you all the benefits and needed amenities. 

WWII sites and historical tours

The numerous islands in the Chuuk Lagoon are packed with commander positions, navy clinics, and other buildings used by the navy during the time between WWI and WWII as the largest Japanese seaport in the Pacific. On an island-hopping trip, you can visit a few of them.

The Commander Post is located deep in the forest and needs a 15-minute walk through dense vegetation and a narrow overgrown route; however, since there are no bugs or animals, flip-flops and shorts will suffice a few scratches from the numerous banana and palm trees.


A few kayaks are available for hire at Blue Lagoon Resort. Even though the LagoonLagoon is quieter than the open seas, it can still be very rugged, so be ready for the paddle. For those wanting to purchase a kayak, you should have a look into the Sea Eagle Razorlite as it’s the best kayak I have ever sailed in, due to the fact it is so light and narrow, so just moves in the water brilliantly.

Beach time at Jeep Island

If you came to the Pacific expecting to enjoy your dive-free afternoons lounging by the pool or on the beach, you were mistaken. Chuuk does not have a beach, but the Blue Lagoon resort has a small stretch of sands near a few of the rooms. Jeep Island is a great place to visit if you require some sand. Jeep Island is a remote, picturesque island with white sand and swaying palm trees where you can finally dip your toes in the beach. If you’re looking for companionship, you ca visiting AmorousHug.

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