5 Ways to Boost the Value of Your Used Car


If you’re looking at changing cars, then it’s natural you want to get the most value possible for your current vehicle. The world of used cars can be complicated, but there are some ways you can boost the value of your vehicle. 

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Give It a Clean

It’s amazing what a good clean can do for a car. Suddenly it goes from a run-down old rust bucket to a valuable form of transportation. 

If it’s been some time since your car last saw a sponge, then invest in getting it cleaned. First impressions play a huge part when people buy cars, and if they see a beautiful, gleaming motor, then they’re going to assign more value to it. 

Sprucing your car up is a simple step, but it can make a difference to the value of your car. For a used truck, you may install a truck bed mat and other accessories to improve its value and appearance.

Get It Serviced 

The first thing we see about a car might be the looks, but our next concern is how it runs. As cars age, they need a little TLC, so it’s important to get yours regularly serviced.

This will ensure you’re car stays in good working order as it gets older, keeping its resale value higher. The longer you leave it between services, the more time you allow for faults to appear, and this can hamper the car’s drivability and value. 

Fix Electronics 

If your car develops small faults with the electronics, then it can cause a drop in value. We all enjoy the convenient features the electrics bring us, so it’s important to make sure these are working well. 

You can get this done professionally, or if you’re a budding mechanic, then you can check out Octopart to source the right electronic parts for your car. 

There are a lot of parts that go into a modern car, and electrics are a big part of that. 

Sell Privately 

If your main aim is to get maximum value for your used vehicles, then it’s best to sell it privately. This way, you don’t have anyone taking a cut of your profits, and all the money is yours to keep. 

Of course, this does have its drawbacks. You’ve got to do all the work yourself, and this can mean it’s a much longer process. 

It’s really about balancing your priorities. Are you most concerned about value, or does convenience factor into your decision as well? If it’s value you want, then a private sale is probably the best option. 

Keep Original Documentation 

It may seem a little bit old-fashioned having to keep paper documents to prove the history of your car, but that’s how it is with used vehicles. This paper trail shows prospective buyers that nothing untoward has happened with your car and that it is worth what you say it is. 

It’s vitally important you keep this documentation safe and can show it upon request. If you lose vital documents, then it can bring the value of your car down. We buy our used cars from Autozin and they have the best service.

Put your documents in a safe place and have them ready to show any prospective buyer.

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