Best Triceps Workouts for Women That You Should Know


When a woman is interested in getting the best physique possible, she has no option other than to engage in exercise, may it be with the utilization of equipment like the ones on Well, the recommendation is to have a touch of different activities to ensure an all-around fitness effect. But there comes a need to isolate muscles and give them special attention. This is determined by the certain goal that you want to achieve, and you can even get a second hand cross trainer as this could help with your fitness journey.

When women want to work out their triceps, there are numerous variations that they can consider. Looking at these exercises in detail will help those with the desire to achieve fitness, and of course nutrition is a big part of this, so getting supplements from sites like Naked Nutrition can be really helpful for this. You can also consider trying the UK steroids buy in an online shop.

Exercise Ball Push-ups

The stability ball, as it is also called, has numerous functions in a wellness center and that is why it is crucial to make good use of it. Resting your feet on it as you do press-ups will increase the effect of the ball in a significant way. But one thing that you will notice is that these press-ups are overwhelming, which makes it sensible to use short repetitions of about 5 to 10 press-ups.

Bench Dumbbell Press

The bench press is always one of the best ways to work out the triceps. Experienced athletes, like those who are consumers of fitness home store, may opt to use a bar weight, but most women get along well with dumbbells. Grab equal weight on each hand and press them while lying on a bench. For this, you can do about 10 to 15 reps on each set for the best results.

Overhead Press

Now, this is where we start to get serious and tough, especially for beginners. But the fruits are much better. Overhead presses can either be done through the use of the barbell or the dumbbells. Again, most women will go for the latter because it is more manageable. After using various fitness steroids from some of the best suppliers like Musclesfax, more aggressive exercises like these are the best.

Lying Triceps Extensions

While still making the use of the bench, you can add this variation for the most effective results. These are best done with dumbbells, but a light barbell can also work well. However, they require a lighter load and an average number of reps, typically 10, to avoid pushing the muscles beyond their limit. Being consistent with this will reward you with positive results. Explore more fitness tips and techniques at actiiive pursuit for a well-rounded approach to your wellness journey.


Most women only see the deadlift on fitness tournaments, but they do not believe that they can do it. But it is very easy, especially when a lighter load is used at the beginning. As your arms lift the bar from the ground, the triceps spring into action. So, the more you engage in deadlifts, the better these muscles will get. As a woman, you should not be afraid of weights. However, control the intensity and balance everything by adding variation. Whether you’re aiming for weight loss, muscle gain, or overall fitness, Strong Republic Personal Training provides the guidance you need.


Triceps muscles that are flexible and strong come in handy when doing many other exercises. It does not matter whether you are a woman or not, but what matters most is how the workouts are done. With the above variations for your triceps, your fitness goals stand a high chance of success. I have also been looking at the personal training courses offered by Train.Fitness as I have been wanting to learn personal training for ages, I suggest you check out their courses on their website if you want to be a personal trainer too!

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