Indian Railways – A Network like No Other


Indian Railways is popular across the world for being one of the largest railway networks. Indian Railways is unique in many sense and the network is like no other. There are several reasons for saying that and here we have listed some of the reasons why there can be no other network like Indian Railways.

IRCTC Website – The IRCTC Next Generation website has been launched recently and everything is new about this website. The website networks Indian Railways with the Indian citizens by providing them with an interface which can be used to book a ticket. In addition to this, users can have their IRCTC Login ID and book tickets in a digital way. The website receives over a million clicks on daily basis.

Palace on Wheel – Indian Railways is also known for its legacy and to continue the rich legacy, Indian Railways has a network of royal trains which covers some of the most popular tourist destinations. It can be expensive to travel on these heritage trains but it is certainly once in a lifetime experience. It is quite popular among Indians as well as foreigners.

Lifeline Express – Apart from the facts mentioned above, do you know that Indian Railways has a train called Lifeline Express. This is also known as Jeevan Rekha Express. You might ask what is so unique about this train. Well, the unique part about this train is that it is a hospital train which is run in collaboration with the Health Ministry of India. It provides various types of medical facilities to the people which include many different types of surgeries as well.

Own Digital Wallet – So having a digital wallet is common now and most of the website accepts payment via Digital Wallet. But, do you know that IRCTC has its own e-Wallet which is known as IRCTC e-Wallet. This wallet helps you in booking a ticket without much of hassle. Which another travel network you know has its own e-wallet service?

A Million Employee – Indian Railways not only has a huge network of Trains but it has a huge network of Employees as well. The organization has over 1.3 Million employees and this number doesn’t include the contractors. Isn’t that a reason to be proud of? Do you know about any other rail network with over 1 Million Employee?

Air Travel – Another cool fact about IRCTC Network is that apart from booking railway tickets, you can also use your IRCTC Next Generation Login ID to book Air Tickets. No, the service is not just restricted to Air Tickets but you can book packages, hotels, lounge and other such packages from Indian Railways Website. This IRCTC network provides you with one-stop solution for all travel solutions you need.

These are some of the reason why we say that Indian Railways has a network like no other organization in the World and you must certainly be proud of Indian Railways and the services offered by Indian Railways.

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