What are the Security Threats to a Dedicated Server?


When it comes to site security, a Dedicated Server ranks at the top of the list. It is because it offers unrestricted control over the webserver, allowing you to create a secure hosting environment for your site. However, since the server’s control is in your hands, its security depends on how efficiently you implement the security measures. 

Today, we are going to talk about some common security threats to a Dedicated Server and how you can counter them with world-class cyber security. And if it’s time to upgrade your server equipment, you may get in touch with a server equipment recycling company to properly dispose of your old server and computer devices.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is one of the most dreaded security threats due to the lack of any apparent signs of detection. In a DDoS attack, the hacker sends multiple requests to your Dedicated Server using bots from different sources. It can overwhelm your server and cause the site to perform slowly or even crash. It can lead to a loss in revenue, brand reputation, and impact your SEO rank too.

The first thing you do is purchase a Dedicated Server Hosting plan with adequate resources and high-quality hardware. You should also ensure that you choose a provider who offers DDoS protection on its entire infrastructure. Further, regularly monitoring your site traffic can help you identify these attacks early and take corrective action.


A Dedicated Server allows you to install any third-party software or applications. While this can be beneficial while managing your site, it can also make your server vulnerable to malware.

Malware is software created with malicious intent to steal data from your site or create havoc. Sometimes, hackers embed malware within legitimate applications and scripts. Hence, scanning all applications/software before installing should be a regular practice.

Also, you should buy web hosting that offers real-time monitoring of the server and vulnerability scanning. The host should also scan your site regularly to check for suspicious frames and ads. As a site owner, you can first install the application or software on a standalone device before installing it on your Dedicated Server to add a layer of protection to your server.

Password breach

A cyber-criminal cannot do any harm to your server unless it gains access to it, this applies to every business and every organization out there, even cyber security in local government is extremely important.

One of the best ways to do it is by breaching your password. We have observed that while most site owners are concerned about the security of their websites, they don’t create strong passwords. It can be the biggest security loophole that most hackers can exploit as noted by the email verifier services especially those transacting and interacting with another user often.

Hence, ensure that you change the default password and create strong passwords to protect your Dedicated Server. Use a long password (maximum number of characters allowed) with capital letters, numbers, and special characters. Also, ensure that the password is not an easy-to-guess phrase or word. Don’t use any logical words as your password. Secure your password with a password protect folder windows 10. Also, always ensure that you log in through an SSL connection.

Summing up

Complete control over the webserver is what makes a Dedicated Server Hosting plan ideal for sites with specific requirements. However, with ‘great power comes great responsibility’. Hence, ensure that you choose the right Dedicated Hosting plan and configure your Dedicated Server to maximize its security. Good Luck!

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