5 Precious Stones Around the World and Its Unique Features


Precious stones are rare in nature. However, these stones are highly used in jewellery due to the attractive and lustrous appearance offered by them. These stones have a great market value and are highly used in the manufacture of jewellery. They are mined through adept techniques and are assessed carefully by professionals who are trained in assaying them. The value is then determined by these professionals after taking several factors into consideration. Five extremely precious stones and their features have been discussed as follows.


  1. They are measured in Carats where 1 Carat is equivalent to 1/5th gram. This weight is one of the primary determinants of the price of the product. Usually, 6.5 mm diameter of the diamond is the ideal size for one carat of diamond.
  2. Lab diamonds are available in a number of colours but usually, people tend to buy diamonds of the grade range of D to F, which are colourless. 
  3. Flawless diamonds or the ones with no external inclusions are rare. For the assessment clarity, diamonds are graded from 1 to 11, where 1 is the most flawless one.


  1. It is bright red in colour and highly lustrous, which is the primary property that distinguishes the gemstone from others.
  2. The hardness, durability and the rarity of this precious stone makes it appealing and desirable.
  3. Large sized transparent ruby is rare in nature and can be considered rarer that diamonds. The properties of Ruby are similar to that of sapphires.
  4. Due to the allure and historical significance, rubies are highly desirable by people all around the globe. Have a look here and find out ruby gemstone price Australia.


  1. It is a precious and valuable stone that is usually crystal blue in colour. It is highly appealing and attractive due to its rare colour, hardness, durability and rarity in nature.
  2. It is also available in other colours like white, green, and yellow, orange and can even be colourless.
  3. The transparency ranges from transparent to opaque. Hexagonal in shape and a 9 point hardness, it is widely used by Hatton gardens jewellers.


  1. It is one the most popular and valuable green gemstone. The rarity of colour, durability and hardness, makes it one of the most expensive precious stone.
  2. Dark green is the most attractive colour in emeralds. The value of this stone reduces with clarity and colour variation. Paler the stone, lesser the value.


  1. The name originates from the Latin phrase ‘water of the sea’, aquamarine is a rare variety of beryl and is blue to blue-green in colour. 
  2. It has a hardness of 7.5 to 8.0 and the transparency grade ranges from transparent to translucent.

Summing up, the precious stones are highly desirable and their value is unlikely to reduce in the upcoming years. These stones are widely used in the manufacture of jewellery. These precious stones are implanted on items like pendants, necklaces and engagement rings. Hatton Garden Jewellery includes a wide variety of precious stones and presents the customers with an exclusive collection.

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