Different Courses you can Pursue to Become a Gemologist


Jewellery and gemstones are a symbol status, wealth and class. Jewellery has been used in different occasions since time immemorial. They enhance the appearance of the person and boosts confidence. Gemology is a branch of study that deals with precious stones and items of jewellery. Although, it has been introduced over the recent years, it is a significant subject that requires immense dedication and offers a wide range of opportunities to the aspiring students. The complete guide to pursue gemology as career has been mentioned as follows.


In order to pursue a diploma or certification courses in gemology, one must make his or her mind while completing schooling. One shall enroll into a suitable course as per their preferences and the opportunities available. A number of renowned institutions have emerged in the recent years that offer efficient courses in gemology. Although, a less known career choice, it provides the learners with vast opportunities and career choices. The courses are highly effective and shall fetch desired results, in the long run. Hatton gardens jewellers offer a wide range of options when it comes to jobs in gemology.


  1. Certification course in grading, cutting and polishing.
  2. Certification courses in coloured stone cutting and polishing.
  3. Courses in jewellery design and machine cast jewellery.
  4. Certification courses in management and marketing.
  5. Certification courses in hard shaping and grooving.


  1. Diploma in Gemology
  2. Diploma in diamond processing
  3. Diploma in diamond trade management


  1. Bachelors in Fine Arts in Jewellery designing


  1. Post graduate diploma in Diamond Technology
  2. Master’s of Fine Arts in jewellery design


  1. The aspiring individual opting for Bachelor’s, diploma and certification courses, should be a graduate from school and must be minimum 18 years of age. However, there is no upper limit to the age of pursuing.
  2. For Master’s the applicant should be a graduate from a certified university or college. He or she must be a graduate with any subject before he or she opts for a gemology course in the master’s level.
  3. Often, the eligibility criteria might differ from one institution to another.


  1. Jewellery Designer

It is a popular field in gemology and as the name suggests, it involves the designing of jewellery items.

  1. Gem Polisher

They preserve precious gemstones for grinding and polishing.

  1. Diamond grader

To evaluate the quality of gemstones and diamonds and assign grades to them.

  1. Gemstone auction manager

They take care of the entire process of managing a gemstone auction.

  1. Stone setters

They set precious stones on pieces of jewellery and ornaments.
To conclude, gemology is a subject that offers a wide range of career opportunities. If you are opting for gemology courses, you must conduct an in depth analysis on the universities and institutions that offer the courses. Hatton Garden Jewellery includes fine pieces of stones and ornaments that are assayed and designed by professional gemologists.

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